Who am I? – Introducing Dr. David

My name is Dr. David (former dentist and university lecturer). I’ve been living in Bangkok in the last 9 years. This has allowed me to practice the unusual combination of guiding Thai dentists in advanced courses, while becoming thoroughly and pleasantly acquainted with Thailand – the spectacular landscapes, friendly people, colorful culture, delicious food and many other aspects of this wonderful country.

My journey to Thailand began in 1987 following a medical convention. It was definitely ‘love at first sight’. I began visiting Thailand 2-3 times a year, over the course of about 20 years. Over time, my love for the country only grew stronger, and 9 years ago I did what I had to do: I closed my active clinic, sold my house and followed my heart to Thailand, becoming a permanent resident of Bangkok.

I share my life with a Thai partner, who is a computer expert and senior director in the field. Her role in establishing the website and organizing the tours is priceless. Throughout these 9 years, I have successfully managed to combine various roles and interests: guiding local dentists, functioning as an active member of my neighbourhood committee, and most importantly, traveling all across Thailand, from the remote south (Songkhla, Hat Yai) through central Thailand, to the north of the country, Issan region and most of the Thai islands.

For many years I’ve partaken in portals and forums regarding Thailand, followed various websites in multiple languages, where I’ve discussed journeys through this beautiful country. Ultimately, I’ve reached the conclusion that having been a permanent resident for almost a decade, my extensive tourist experience and rich knowledge of the culture will create the ultimate combination: It can contribute to first-time visitors to Thailand and also serve the more experienced, veteran travelers, who are better acquainted with this exotic land.

This is why I decided to build an all-inclusive website, which abounds useful and up-to-date information regarding all of Thailand’s regions. The website presents and reviews various topics – attractions, activities, markets and shopping centres, food and restaurants, entertainment and pampering, culture and events, Thailand for kids and much more.

The goal of this website: This website is designed for everyone, whether you’re a first-time visitor or an experienced traveler. It introduces you to many different sides of Thailand, many of which are new and unknown. You’ll find plenty of personal, current information about the entire country in a wide variety of topics. Additionally, I’ve highlighted unique places that are less familiar to the average tourist, and presented the authentic Thailand to the adventurous tourist who wants to stay away from the same old travel routes and crowded tourist. I want to introduce you to the real Thailand, which is far more authentic and beautiful.

The content of this website was written from my experience, and I have personally visited all of the places described in the articles (in most cases a few times) in order to fully absorb the sights in different times and seasons. All pictures and videos on the website were taken by me. I continue to travel, explore and enjoy Thailand whenever I can, and I am happy to share with you my knowledge and experience.

Private Family Adventure Tours in Thailand: For many years, I’ve been more than happy to help travelers who wish to know the more beautiful, pleasant Thailand, in planning their tour – As I love Thailand and appreciate adventurous tourists, I’ve wanted to bring them together. Dr. David

It was clear to me that tourists who wish to stay away from the same old travel routes and commercial tourist attractions, have a hard time doing so, due to a lack of knowledge regarding impressive locations. Moreover, even if they know certain sites, they often face objective obstacles in these regions – not knowing the language and/or geographical area, logistic operations (such as transportation, resorts) etc. Dr. David

A dream tour to Thailand depends, first and foremost on good, clever planning, which considers the travelers’ preferences and needs, as well as objective factors such as weather, season etc. However, the successful execution of the tour as planned, is just as important, perhaps even moreso.

A few years ago, my wife established a company specializing and gaining rich experience in private luxury tours for those who want to discover and explore the more authentic, beautiful Thailand.  I am positive that the ultimate combination of the rich online information, my personal assistance in planning your dream tour and the quality execution by TipTop Travel & Services, will result in unforgettable luxury tours leaving you with a taste for more!!

Wishing you all a wonderful visit to Thailand, filled with exciting experiences and marvellous tours!!

Dr. David