Petchabun Travel Guide

Petchabun is one of the provinces in Northern Thailand. Located in the southern part of the northern area, it is the point where 3 regions meet – the north, the center, and northeast Thailand (Isan area).

The name Petchabun originates from the ancient Hindu language of Sanskrit and means the “perfect diamond”.

In this article, I will gladly introduce you to this beautiful, mountainous area, a part of the beautiful, authentic Thailand that many tourists seek and wish to experience.

As I mentioned – Petchabun province is in its southern lowlands of the Northern region, in the area between Northern Thailand and its center. It is located about 400 km north of Bangkok and away from the ordinary tourist routes so that when visiting there, you will hardly meet tourists – the area is very popular with inland tourism but is not well known to foreign tourists.

Pa Sak river crosses the province, thus forming a most fertile valley surrounded by mountain chains – and indeed, Petchabun province is known for its rich agriculture, especially sweet tamarind, but also coffee, stevia, and more.

The most impressive attraction in Petchabun is by far Wat Pha Sorn Kaew Temple – a wonderful and rare work of art that is reminiscent of Gaudi’s works in Barcelona and considered by many to be the most impressive and beautiful temple in Thailand.

Personally, I think that this marvelous temple, Wat Pha Sorn Kaew, is a sufficient reason to visit Petchabun, but the province has several other attractions that I will review in separate articles later.

Petchabun Travel Guide Summary

Petchabun is one of the northern provinces that is unknown and thus hardly visited by foreign tourists.

For those who wish to experience the magical, authentic Thailand, that no longer exists in many areas – particularly in the heavily toured northern Thailand – this is the place to visit. Of course, you should also visit the nearby provinces of Sukhothai and Lampang – which already attract quite a few tourists.

While I expected a rather empty area, I was surprised to find a lively destination with thriving internal tourism as you can see for yourself in the attached videos that accompany the different articles on Petchabun. There were even some non-cheap resorts where you would struggle to find available rooms. I believe that in the not-so-far future, Petchabun province and its lovely landscapes, with the pleasant weather and authentic Thai experience it provides – will become a popular destination in northern Thailand, attracting many foreign tourists.