Pai Hot Springs

Pai Hot Springs are called Pong Nam Ron Tha Pai or Tha Pai Hot Springs.  This is one of the best Pai attractions, and certainly one of the best hot springs I ever visited (and I’ve been to plenty).

The bubbling hot springs are in a small, well-kept park. Their strong sulfur smell brings ‘the geyser’ to mind, and the springs on their own are not particularly interesting. However, there’s a cold-water stream that mixes with the hot spring water (of some 80 degrees), flowing into a series of natural pools, surrounded by plantations. The lower the stair – the colder the water.

The entire area is lovely, pleasant, and entertaining, and many argue that the hot spring water has excellent healing qualities – I don’t know if it’s true, but you’ll have fun visiting and bathing here, that’s for sure.

Pai hot springs are located some 8 km outside of town. The site is open daily from 7 AM to 6 PM and the admission fee is around 300 baht.

My Opinion: Pai Hot Springs, One of the best hot springs I’ve been to; highly recommended.

Watch the clip I took in Pai Hot Springs