Ko Samui Magic Garden

There aren’t too many natural attractions in Ko Samui, wonderful waterfalls or spectacular temples for instance, as you can find in other parts of Thailand. The best attraction in the area is Ang Thong National Marine Park, which I reviewed in another article.

The Magic Garden or Secret Garden (although it has been known as a popular travel destination for years) is one of the few attractions in the area that appeals to many tourist groups – which somewhat harms the pastoral nature of the site.

This private garden was established in 1976 by a local farmer named Nim Thongsuk, who retired from work when he was 77 years old and handled the place until he passed away at the age of 91.

This is hardly a fancy and adorned flower garden like Nong Nooch in Sattahip or the Queen Gardens in Chiang Rai, but rather something that resembles a natural jungle with trees and thick plantation, which gives the place a wilder, more natural feeling.

You’ll find here many Buddha statues along with elements of Buddhism and Thai folklore, various animal statues and ones of the late Nim Thongsuk and his family. The stone statues are scattered across the garden between the many trees and beside a creek with a small waterfall that flows in the garden. Some of the statues are separate and others  in groups, as the biggest groups are angels and musicians. Mr. Nim Thongsuk’s grave is also here.

Please note: Though I’ve read many articles on the place that stated you’ll need a 4X4 to pass a difficult road and get to the garden, this isn’t the case. I personally visited there on May 2018 with a regular car and there was no problem getting there. From what I’ve read you can take a mini-bike too…At any case, if you come independently, the cost is 80 baht per person.