Chao Ram Cave – Sukhothai

In several spots in Thailand countryside, there’s a phenomenon at dusk, where a swarm of millions of bats emerges from a cave sitting on a mountain, filling the sky and creating a spectacular sight!! One of the very few places where you can see this is in a natural reserve in Sukhothai area.

♣ Scroll down to the end of the article for a video on the cave and bats’ phenomenon

I’ve personally witnessed the extraordinary phenomenon in Khao Yai National Park and Khao No-Khao Kaeo area in Nakon Sawan province (a review will be posted soon) – another site where I saw the exceptional phenomenon is in Sukhothai and will be covered in this review.

An hour’s drive from the city of Sukhothai, in a national park called Si Satchanalai Natural Park, there’s a cave called Chao Ram.

On a high cliff there’s a unique Chao Ram Cave from which where every day, around 5 PM, a swarm of millions of bats emerges, filling the sky and creating a spectacular sight. The bats are heading to their nightly meal in the National Park nearby; the spectacular sight lasts at least 30 minutes.

The Chao Ram Cave is hardly visited, certainly not by tourists. The few people you’ll see here are mostly groups of locals on a picnic outdoors, who came to enjoy the spectacular sight.