Pattaya / The Upside Down House

The Pattaya Upside Down House is a nice little attraction for kids, located south of Pattaya city in Sattahip area (very close to the Buddha Mountain).

The house is built upside down, which allows you to take funny pictures and enjoy some additional small attractions.

The European styled house has all the ordinary rooms – a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom etc.

Yet all things are built upside down, including the furniture, which you’ll find on the ceiling. When you take your pictures then rotate them, it looks as though you are on the ceiling, which makes a very amusing image.

Outside the house itself, you’ll find some small attractions such as a gyroscope, maze and bicycle which move in the opposite direction.

Entrance Fee: 300 baht per adult, 150 baht for a 90-140 cm tall kid

In conclusion: a nice, fun attraction for children. The staff is very kind and helpful in taking the pictures.

My Opinion: Worth a short visit if you are visiting the area