Pattaya Buddha Mountain / Khao Chi Chan

Pattaya Buddha Mountain / Khao Chi Chan , Some 30 minuets away from Pattaya city center, in the district of Sattahip, you’ll find one of the famous symbols of Pattaya area – a mountain with a giant Buddha engraving, which is known as “Buddha Mountain”; it’s real name is Khao Chi Chan.

Chi Chan mountain isn’t particularly high, yet it certainly stands out amidst the green plains which surround it. In the past, it functioned as a quarry for building materials, and a nearby military base for the American Airforce, during Vietnam war.

The Buddha image, which towers to some 30 meters high, is roughly 70 meters wide. It was engraved on the bare mountain in 1996 to celebrate 50 years of reign for King Rama 9. It is considered one of the largest Buddha images in the world.

The Giant Buddha image was engraved on the mountain using a computer program and laser – which took several months. The marking on the mountain was conducted mainly during the night, while during the day, the outlines were engraved, before they were filled with gold sheets.

A very short walk from the parking area will lead you to a viewpoint on the mountain, with a small temple and a large square overlooking the scenery. At the foot of the mountain, there’s a green park with trees, flowers and a small lake graced with lotus flowers. The entire area is beautiful, pastoral and very impressive.

The site is open for visits during the entire day, and no entrance fee is required. The nearby attractions are Nong Nooch botanical gardens and the Upside-Down house.

In conclusion: this is a beautiful and unique place, it’s the opposite of the dull, crowded city of Pattaya. The pictures do not do it justice.

My Opinion: I recommend visiting here, especially when combined with the nearby Nong Nooch gardens

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♣ Attached is a video I took on site