Malika – A Journey Back in Time (some 100 years ago) / Kanchanaburi

Malika – A Journey Back in Time (some 100 years ago) / Kanchanaburi

In 2016, a new, interesting attraction was established in Kanchanaburi – a restored town from the days of King Rama V of the Chakri dynasty – one of the most beloved and adored Thai kings (1853-1910).

The rule of King Rama V was a time of important reforms, one of which was cancelling slavery in Thailand, and another depicted a more open mind towards the west, which brought cultural and financial prosperity to Thailand.

The town of Malika (Jasmin) was established to bring the old lifestyle of 1905 back to life, reviving the past through residence buildings, costumes, markets, rickshaw carts and other elements.

On site, you can rent colorful Thai costumes and parasols from the time, taste different cuisines that you cannot find nowadays in the everyday lives, and feel as though you’ve traveled 100 years back in time. Even the money used when visiting the town includes coins from the earlier time.

The place is divided to different areas; some of them contain alleys with small shops, mostly foods and desserts from that historic time. You can also see how the dishes were created and cooked back in the days – for instance, in one of the stores you can watch the traditional production of coconut milk and desserts, as the process was carried out 100 years ago. In another building, you can see Thai artists while they prepare flower arrangements and/or carve in various fruits.

In another part of the town, you can observe and experience the rice production process with the different appliances that were used at the time. It’s a very interesting experience for adults and children alike – as you can see in the attached video. The town also features a lake, a bridge, and even a small floating market. The whole setting provides a lovely background for you to take memorable photos as souvenirs, and you can easily see the Thai people’s enthusiasm from the magical, nostalgic atmosphere of the place.

During the evenings, Thai folklore shows take place, and they are integrated into the dinners.

Malika Location: Sai Yok district, a 30-minute drive from Kanchanaburi, right on the way of route 323.

Malika Opening Hours: from 9 AM to 8 PM ** dinners are served from 6 to 8 PM

In conclusion: Unlike some destinations in Thailand that provide no more than an artificial show for tourists (like the floating market Damnoen Saduak for instance) – Malika is a town that offers real Thai nostalgia, and most of the visitors to the place, particularly during weekends, are Thai people, which makes the experience more pleasant and interesting for tourists.

My opinion: a unique, interesting and highly recommended site.

♥ Malika is included in Tiptop Travel tour plans in central Thailand and Kanchanaburi