Benjarong- Thailand’s Royal Porcelain

Royal Porcelain

BenjarongThailand’s Royal Porcelain

The Benjarong is a traditional Thai handicraft which produces spectacular porcelain with various designs, patterns and colors. The word Benjarong is combined of two words: Benja and Rong which mean 5 colors in Bali and Sanskrit, referring to multiple colors.

The traditional art is created in Thailand for hundreds of years, and until not so long ago, Benjarong tools were made exclusively for the royal family. It is an ancient, traditional form of art, which passes from one generation to another in Thai families.

The Amphawa region in Samut Songkhram district is famous for this well-kept porcelain heritage. The handcraft tradition is kept in the family, or rather in several local families.

Royal Porcelain

The Benjarong porcelain production is carried out by the finest artisans throughout. You can visit the workshops where Benjarong tools are created and take a close look at the decoration and painting of these marvelous pieces.

Usually, it is advised to contact the family who owns the workshop, and schedule your visit in advance.


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