Thailand islands – natural small islands (Part 1)

Thailand islands – natural small islands  (Part 1) : In the small natural island group you can find Ko Lipe, Ko Samed, Ko Tao, Ko Phayam, Ko Yao Noi, Ko Phiphi and Ko Talu

Ko Lipe : Thailand islands

Ko Lipe is one of the most amazing in Thailand islands, and many say it is the most beautiful one. This is why Ko Lipe and its surrounding area have been nick named “The Thailand’s Maldives“.

Just like other quality locations in Thailand, Ko Lipe is well known and popular with many tourists around the world and in the season it is so crowded with tourists that a hotel room can be pretty hard to find if not booked in advance.

Located across the southern tip of Thailand on the border of Tarutao National Marine Park, you will find Ko Lipe. The island is not part of the marine park, and therefore can be built on. You will find plenty of resorts, shops, restaurants and a lively nightlife on the island.

Ko Lipe beaches are the best you can find in Thailand. Ko Lipe’s clear turquoise blue waters and the fact that it is surrounded by 30 other islands and hundreds of coral reefs found just a short cruise distance from it, turns this beautiful island into an ideal snorkeling and scuba diving site. 25% of the world’s tropical fish can be found in its waters. It is considered to be one of south-east Asia’s best diving areas.

Season:  as on all Andaman Sea islands, (of the west coast), the best holiday season is November – May.

How to get to Ko Lipe:  I will write a more elaborate article about the different ways to get to Ko Lipe shortly. Generally speaking, I can say that getting to Ko Lipe is not different than getting to any other island without a direct flight (Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, Ko Tao, Ko Phiphi, etc.). Getting to Ko Lipe is a combination of flying, cruising and driving, (just like getting to many other islands). It is also possible to get to Ko Lipe by a three hours cruise from Ko Lanta.

Summary: Ko Lipe is every tropical Thailand islands lover’s dream – one of nature’s miracles with many great beaches, soft white sands and magnificent clear turquoise waters.  Snorkeling sites can be found near the beaches, as well as plenty of resorts, shops, restaurants, massages and lively nightlife in the pubs on the beach and on Walking Street.

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Ko Samed : Thailand islands

Although Ko Samed is not very popular with tourists, it is one of the nicest and most attractive islands in Thailand islands.

The island is long and narrow and most of its beaches are spread out on its east coast. This is where you’ll find Ko Samed’s central and most vibrant beach. It is a long beach with soft white sand and plenty of restaurants, shops, water sports, pubs, lively nightlife but without sex clubs and prostitution.

South of the central beach and all the way up to the island’s southern tip there are many different beaches. They differ in their atmosphere and become more and more quite as you go down south. There are pleasant beaches and bays on the island’s west coast. These are much calmer than the ones on the south coast.

Along Ko Samed’s beaches and bays you will find plenty of hotels and resorts catering to any service level – from simple basic low cost resorts to exclusive and expensive ones.

Ko Samed is a relatively commercialized island with good roads connecting between its beaches and bays. This fact and its small size makes it possible to tour the island by a rented scooter or ATV which are simply waiting for you around any corner there. As Ko Samed is relatively close to Bangkok it has become a preferred tourist attraction for Bangkok’s upper class, (after the royal city, Hua Hin). The island’s resorts and hotels are fully booked every weekend and holiday so that a holiday there should be planned well in advance.

Season: Ko Samed is comparably dry even in the rainy season, so that its season is all year long, (just like Hua Hin). The rainy season is between May and September, but even then the rain quantities are significantly lower than on other islands in Thailand.

How to get to Ko Samed:  it takes about two and a half hours drive from Bangkok plus a 15 minutes cruise to get to Ko Samed.

Summary: Ko Samed is definitely a great Thailand islands for a holiday all year long. It offers a combination of wonderful beaches, plenty of resorts, shops, restaurants, pubs, water sports and vibrant nightlife on the beaches. All these have turned Ko Samed into one of the most popular islands in Thailand. You can find beaches and bays suitable for any kind of holiday you dream about. You only have to choose the right beach and best resort for the kind of holiday you want.

  • I am still thinking about whether I should write a more detailed review about Ko Samed. As I previously mentioned, Ko Samed is not very crowded with tourists, and maybe for the island’s sake it is better off staying this way!!

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Ko Yao Noi : Thailand islands

Ko Yao Noi is a relaxing natural island located in the middle of Phang Nga bay, between Krabi and Phuket. The island’s residents have strongly objected to any commercialization and development of heavy tourism basis, so their island is still kind of a “nature reserve”. It is simply pleasant, calm and relaxing with very pretty nature and welcoming smiling local people.

Life on the island is moving in a slow paste and you can sense how other islands in Thailand looked and felt like before their commercialization begun.

You will not find McDonald or KFC here or noisy full moon parties and peddlers on the beach – instead you will find untouched nature, many kinds of birds and animals, forests, rice  fields, plantations, and lots of wonderful beaches and the pretty view of Phang Nga bay surrounding the island like a crown, (there is one 7/11 shop J).

Season: as on all Andaman Sea islands, (of the west coast), the best holiday season is November – May.

How to get to Ko Yao Noi: by a cruise from Krabi, Phuket or Phang Nga, (for additional information, please refer to my detailed review).

Summary: Ko Yao Noi is a wonderful resort for those who would like to take a break from civilization and from the crowds of tourists and the heavy commercialization of Phuket and Ao Nang beach. This is an ideal spot for relaxing in nature, walking and bike riding, enjoying a good book and experiencing Thailand in a completely different way.

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