Koh Chang Beaches

Despite the size of Koh Chang, there are relatively few beaches on the island. Most beaches are rocky, and the few sandy ones are found mainly on the west side of the island, where most of the hotels and tourists are located. The following beach review will focus on these beaches.

All the beaches reviewed here are connected by the west road that starts from the piers on the north side and ends on the south side of the island (Klong Kloi Beach)

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Koh Chang beaches are quite different from one another in terms of quality, atmosphere, nature of resort and type of tourism. In this series of articles, I have prepared for you a comprehensive overview of the coasts of Koh Chang.

This article is the first in a series of 4 reviews of Koh Chang beaches, and here I will give you a general explanation, summaries on every beach and a reference to links where you can read a detailed review of each.

For your convenience, I’ve divided Koh Chang  beaches to 3 groups:

The northern part – Klong Son Beach and White Sand Beach

The middle part – Klong Prao Beach and Kai Bae Beach

The southern part – Klong Kloi beach, also called Bang Bao Beach (Bailan Beach and Lonely Beach)

At the end of every review in this series, you’ll find a video I took in Koh Chang  Beaches

Please note: the word “beaches” does not refer only to that sandy stretch on the seashore but to the whole section of the area that includes both the seashore and the road that runs parallel to the beach, featuring shops, markets, massages, restaurants and more.

Important note: Many tourists are planning a fun vacation on one of the beaches in the Gulf of Thailand – one that includes hanging by the beach, lying on the sand and bathing in the water. However, when they arrive at the beach an unpleasant surprise awaits – either the sea water have covered the beach (tides) leaving a very narrow strip, if at all… or the water have receded hundreds of meters (low), leaving a broad strip of muddy, murky surface that is unpleasant to the eye and impossible to bathe in.

This happens because of the special tide and low conditions in the Gulf of Thailand – an important issue that may have a big impact on vacationing in the following islands: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Chang – and you should definitely be aware of it.

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Koh Chang Beaches Overview – from north to south – general, summaries and links to detailed articles

As I mentioned before, I have divided Koh Chang beaches into 3 groups for your convenience – northern, middle and southern. Here you will find an overview of each beach as well as a reference to a link where you can read a detailed article about the beaches in each group.

The northern part – the beaches of Klong Son Beach and White Sand Beach

Klong Son Beach: This is the northernmost beach of Koh Chang, unknown to most tourists. Here you will find a beautiful little bay, a local fishing village with a small number of resorts and mainly locals. The bay is quite secluded and has almost nothing – suitable for anyone who wants to seclude in a villa on the beach and disconnect from the tourist rush on the other Koh Chang beaches.

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White Sand Beach

White Sand beach is the most developed coastline in Koh Chang, it is considered by many to be the best of the island’s beaches. The street is packed with shops, restaurants, massages and such, located right next to the hotels, and within a short walk you can find everything you may need on a vacation. Here you will find hotels and resorts of various classes, but it will be hard for you to find luxurious, high-end accommodations such as those available in Hua Hin, Phuket, Koh Samui, Khao Lak and the likes.

One of the disadvantages of White Sand beach is the small margin between the mountain slopes and the beach, leaving little space for construction and development. Every piece of land in the area has already been utilized for construction, and if future construction to the height will not be permitted (currently no more than 4 levels can be built) – the area has no additional land reserves for development, which is a serious limitation.

This beach is suitable for families, couples and lonely visitors, just keep in mind that during peak tourist season (November-February) – the whole area, including the beach, can be very busy. This beach is usually visited by organized tourist groups (including Thais).

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The middle partKlong Prao beach and Kai Bae beach

Klong Prao Beach: One of Koh Chang’s good beaches though less popular, busy and far less crowded than White Sand beach. Suitable for those who want peace and quiet but would still like to have access to a great variety of shops within a short / walking distance.

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Kai Bae Beach: balances the clutter and tourism of White Sand Beach and the quiet and expensive seafront rooms at Klong Prao beach.

If White Sand beach is too developed, overloaded and heavily toured for you, and if you feel Klong Prao beach is too quiet, with not enough shops, restaurants, pubs and nightlife – Kai Bae beach can be a great solution for you.

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Southern section Lonely Beach and Bailan Beach and Klong Kloi Beach (also called Bang Bao Beach)

Lonely Beach: the popular destination for Koh Chang ’s backpackers and party scene. Mostly young crowd looking for parties and affordable accommodation, with lots of simple and cheap alcohol, away from the standard tourist crowd that fills the other beaches, especially White Sand Beach and Klong Prao Beach. The atmosphere is fun but can be very noisy until the very late hours of the night.

WARNING!! The atmosphere at Lonely Beach is tempting in terms of smoking and drug use – keep in mind that the Thai authorities take this issue very seriously! I would strongly advise you not to take this risk!

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Bailan Beach: the quiet little brother of Lonely Beach. Less suitable for families and those looking for a good beach with a comfortable bathing option as there are many rocks in the water and no real sand.

Suitable for backpackers looking for peace and quiet, yet still close to the nearby Lonely Beach party scene (only 1 km). Good match for those who want to spend a long time on a low budget island, and those who plan on scuba diving and fishing off Bang Bao Beach (about 6 km south of Bailan Beach)

♦ For a detailed article on the beaches in this group -> Click the link (coming soon)

Klong Kloi Beach (also called Bang Bao Beach): one of Koh Chang’s unfamiliar beaches but one of the more pleasant and suitable for holidays in most seasons. Not to be confused with Bang Bao Village – a fishing village that formerly had no beach but features a large pier, which has now become a tourist attraction with various shops, restaurants and more, located about one kilometer from Klong Kloi beach.

The atmosphere at the Klong Kloi beach is something rather Bohemian and the beach is suitable for those looking for a good, beautiful beach with a lovely view, calm and romantic atmosphere and away from the tourist bands that fill White Sand Beach and Klong Prao Beach or the hustle and bustle of Lonely Beach backpackers.