Ko Lanta Travel & Transfer

Ko Lanta is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, which is yet to experience the immense momentum of development and commercialization as islands like Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, and Ko Samui. Ko Lanta is in the Krabi area, not far from the land, and the arrival to the island is easy and convenient. This makes Ko Lanta an ideal vacation destination for those who finished hiking in the southern area. In my opinion, Ko Lanta will be one of Thailand’s next hot trends.

This review will cover the means of arriving at Ko Lanta and traveling on the island.  At the end of the article, you’ll find a short clip on the subject.

Arriving at Ko Lanta

It’s easy to arrive at the island from the Krabi area, the airport, or Ao Nang beach. The simple options include the following:

♦ By public or private car – even though Ko Lanta is an island, you can get there by car. You should drive to Hua Hin pier on land, take a short ferry ride to Ko Lanta Noi, which is connected by a bridge to Ko Lanta Yai. The ride will take you some 2 hours, and you can include Krabi’s famous emerald pool or the warm waterfalls halfway through your journey.

♥ Please notice – some year ago Siri Lanta bridge was built to connect both islands, but old maps and directions still refer to taking 2 ferries, which is no longer necessary.

♦ Sailing – you can sail from Krabi Passenger Pier or Ao Nang beach (Nopparat Thara Pier), which takes some two and a half hours. This option is available between November- April.

♦ Express speedboat – combine a van drive + short speedboat cruise. This option is available only during the high season (November-April)

Additionally, you can get to Ko Lanta by sailing from Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lipe etc.

Traveling in Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta doesn’t contain many roads – there are two roads along the eastern and western shores (they are connected in the northern area but not in the south).

There are also few roads connecting the west to the east where the main attraction of the eastern beach – the Old Town – is located. This nice area features wooden structures on the sea, with various shops and restaurants.

The island is rather flat, and the roads are relatively good so traveling in Ko Lanta is quite easy, and in many spots across the island there are scooters available for rent. If you prefer, you can travel in a local Tuktuk – a motorbike connected to a ‘boat’ with seats (Rot Puang)

Check out the attached video I took on travel & transfer in Ko Lanta