The JJ Green Night Market

JJ Green Night Market

The JJ Green Night Market , Bangkok has plenty of night markets. One of the most recommended and fun is the JJ Green JJ Green MarketNight Market, a relatively new place which was opened on late 2014, yet gained instant popularity among local youngsters who visit the market every weekend.


The night market’s appeal increases due to the easy access to its location; it can be reached either by the BTS Skytrain or MRT underground. Clearly, when considering night markets JJ Green Market(rather than shopping compounds as the Asiatique), JJ Green is the best one in Bangkok. It offers the ultimate, fun combination of a fair, regular market, flea-market, restaurants, food stands, pubs and shows. It somewhat resembles another night market – Talat Rot Fy yet it provides a more enjoyable experience, which is easier to access.

JJ Green hosts modern, air-conditioned shops alongside stands and youngsters who present their products on pieces of fabric spread on the ground. You’ll find here various clothes, purses, fashion and cellular accessories, toys, antiquities, handmade arts and crafts and many other items.

You’ll also find here plenty of foods and drinks: restaurants, coffee shops, food and drink stands alongside many pubs – some of them playing live music which is heard across the market.

Opening Hours – The market is active from Thursday – Sunday between 6 PM – 1 AM. Naturally, it is less crowded on Thursdays, when some activities/shops may be unavailable. It is most crowded and active on Saturday nights.

Location – The JJ Green night market is located in a park next to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market

JJ Green Map

Arrival – the market is both entertaining and easily accessible by BTS Skytrain or MRT underground; their stations are next to each other, and the market is within a short walking distance.

BTS Skytrain – get off the train at Mo Chit (the last stop); MRT underground – get off at Chatuchak, exit #1.

The various pictures and clips of the place are available in the attached presentation, which will hopefully give you a taste of the place and a hint of its fun atmosphere.  


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