Asiatique – Bangkok’s Night Market

Asiatique Bangkok

Asiatique Bangkok Night Market was opened on April 2012, Asiatique on the banks of the Chao Phraya river. Since the bazaar is located in my neighbourhood (Yanawa), rather close to my home, I’ve been following it consistently from its opening.

Like every other new place, Asiatique initially went through some ‘growing pains’ – shops and restaurants were in different stages of renovations, the market had fewer visitors than expected, there was a sense of emptiness during the weekdays etc.

Today, more than 4 years since its opening, Asiatique Night Market is functioning as planned and seems to be doing just great. It has become a lively, bubbly, busy venue, which consistently attracts many visitors, tourists and locals alike. Many of the restaurants and pubs in the place are open until midnight, outdoor shows entertain the many visitors, and the crowd comes pouring in throughout the entire week, and even more so during the weekend.

Famous shows such as the Ladyboys, “Calypso” and Joe Louis Puppet Theatre, have also found their place in the bazaar, along with Asiatique Sky, Bangkok’s giant Ferris wheel. Hence, in a short time, Asiatique has become one of the most prominent attractions in Bangkok’s nightlife, and I’ve decided to review is in detail through this updated article.

Location: Asiatique is located in the famous street of Charoen Krung (soi 74) – a very long street which contains some of the most luxurious hotels in the city, the Oriental and the Shangri-La.

Asiatique spreads across a very large territory. From one side, it borders on the Chao Phraya river, and from the other, meets the Charoen Krung street. The market is located some 2 km. away from the Saphan Taksin train station (where you will also find the public boats central station). This means it’s possible, yet certainly not advised to walk towards Asiatique – especially not with children.

Due to its location on the riverbank, Asiatique planners have built a wide, 300-meters- long promenade, which allows visitors to watch the beautiful river views and enjoy a nice breeze. Upon visiting, you’ll see plenty of Thai people strolling and spending their free time, including cyclists who come here to practice their tricks.

Asiatique night market is located in a territory that was once home to Bangkok commercial port (some 100 years ago). The vast bazaar is divided into 4 squares containing unique structures, which reconstruct the old port hangars.

The planners and architects did a nice job maintaining elements from the past, but generally speaking, the place exudes up-to-date and upbeat, modern atmosphere and referring to it as a bazaar or night market might create the wrong impression.

Asiatique is more of a mall filled with modern boutiques, which doesn’t resemble any other shopping center or market in the city. Ultimately, it entwines the mall and the market experience but has a unique, distinct vibe of its own. The design is perhaps a bit posh, and some would say it’s overly stylish, but this doesn’t harm the pleasant atmosphere and good energy of the place.

As I previously mentioned, Asiatique is divided into 4 squares. 2 wide avenues cross the area from Charoeng Krung street to the promenade on the riverbanks. There is even a rail-cart for visitors who want to travel from one end to the other. The huge area has more than 1500 stores where you can buy almost everything that comes to mind – clothes and accessories, souvenirs, arts and decorations etc.

The boutiques are neatly designed to welcome the visitors. Despite the appealing, modern look, the focus here is hardly on high fashion and expensive designer brands, but rather on a wide variety of small boutique shops.  Of course, you will find here some famous brands but also more than a few items you can find in MBK or during your weekend visit to a market. At any event, it’s very hard to believe you’ll walk out of here empty handed.

Other than the stores, you’ll also find here a wide variety of coffee shops and restaurants – Thai, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Italian and almost every other type you can possibly think of. Some of the restaurants are fancy, while others are inexpensive, so that everyone can find their favourite foods here. Additionally, Asiatique is also home to many pubs, some of them playing live music, and in the bazaar’s open spaces, the crowd can gather around and listen to performances by local rock bands.

In conclusion: Asiatique Night market is definitely worth a full evening or a night out, regardless if you are a family, a couple or a group of friends visiting the bazaar. Beyond the abundance mentioned above, the place also offers Asiatique Sky, Bangkok’s giant Ferris wheel, which adds much fun to your eventful night.

This article wouldn’t be complete without comparing Asiatique to Suan Lum – the good old night bazaar that was closed a couple of years ago. While the old bazaar was designed especially for tourists, the Asiatique appeals to many locals, who come to shop, dine, stroll or simply enjoy a fun night out – so that the crowd is assorted, which in my eyes contributes to the positive experience of visiting the place.

Opening hours: 17:00-24:00 (you should take into account that Asiatique is pretty packed during weekends and calmer during midweek)

Directions to Asiatique: as I was frequently asked about this, I’d like to elaborate on the directions.

Basically, you can get to Asiatique either by car (a taxi) through Charoen Krung street or by a boat through the river. However, the relatively narrow Charoen Krung has always been rather crowded, and since the night market has opened, the street has heavier traffic, which gets even worse over the weekends – so I highly recommend taking a boat through the river.

The simplest, easiest way is to take the Elevated Train (Silom Line) to Saphan Taksin, where you will find the central boat station (also titled Saphan Taksin). On the left side of the pier, you will see the Asiatique shuttle boat (on the picture to your left), which will take you on a few minute’s cruise (for free) to the night market.

Pay attention – those of you who intend to get to the area using the public river boat (from China Town, Khao-San area etc.) – I’ve noticed some self-titled online ‘experts’ sometimes tell you to get off at Saphan Taksin and then take the Asiatique shuttle boat, as they mistakenly think  Saphan Taksin is the last stop of the line.  So no, there is absolutely no need to do it!! Saphan Taksin is not the last stop, and the public boat has 3 more southern stops until it reaches its final destination – right next to Asiatique!!

So if you arrived at an orange flagged public boat – simply get off in its final stop, where you’ll find yourself by a temple, in an alley leading outside (soi 74). Walk through the alley for some 150 meters until you get to the main street (Charoen Krung (, turn to the right, and you will shortly see you have arrived at Asiatique.

Asiatique Bangkok

FYI : TipTop-Travel Private Family Adventure Tours includes a visit to Asiatique Night Market in one of its tour plans “A classic night tour in Bangkok” – which also includes, other than the bazaar, a ride on the spectacular Ferris wheel and a pleasant 45-minutes’ night cruise (sailing from the Asiatique pier), to watch the illuminated, remarkable views of the King’s palace, Wat Arun and more.

Asiatique Bangkok

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