Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn – Bangkok

Wat Arun


Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn  ,Wat Arun, which is also known as the Temple of Dawn (วัดอรุณ), is one of the most prominent symbols of Bangkok, possibly even more than the The Grand Palace (home of the Thai king). The temple’s pictures proudly feature every poster that represents the city.


One thing is abundantly clear – Wat Arun during the sunset is one of the most spectacular, romantic, moving sights Bangkok has to offer. It is an unforgettable vision that is sure to remain with you long after your visit. Like many others, I too believe that watching Wat Arun from afar (that is the other riverbank) is much more impressive than observing it up close.


The temple’s full name is  Rajwararam, which is derived from Aruna, the Hindu god who is often personified as the radiations of the rising sun. Its location is on Thonburi, at the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, right in front of the Grand Palace and Wat Po.





Directions: the easiest way is through the river. On Tha Tien pier, simply take the ferry which crosses the river (3 baht). Usually, when you take a longtail boat to tour the canals, one of its stops is also by .

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