Nopparat Thara Beach and Klong Muang Beach – Krabi Province

Nopparat Thara Beach and Klong Muang Beach – Krabi Province , I have reviewed some of Krabi province’s beaches in previous articles – Ao Nang beach, Phra Nang and Railway beaches. Now I am about to write about 2 other beaches in the area – Nopparat Thara and Klong Muang.

All the beaches in the area have certain advantages and disadvantages and it is better to be familiar with these before taking your decision regarding the beach and resort you would like to stay at during your holiday in Krabi.

For your convenience, I have added a map of the area showing the beaches locations. In addition, I intend to write an article summarizing the information about all the beaches in the area including my recommendations to you.

Klong Muang beach – this beach has only recently became a popular tourist attraction and it mainly targets wealthy tourists and locals. You will find wonderful boutique hotels and resorts there such as Tubkaak.

This is a quiet countryside beach which is completely different than Ao Nang beach and the rest of the other beaches in the area. The beach is very long and it has good parts and other parts which are not so great – it is well advised to check before you book your hotel in the area. The good parts are more pleasant than Ao Nang beach but not half as good as the wonderful Khao Lak beaches.

If you are looking for shopping and entertainment this is not the place for you!! There is only one area, called Klong Muang Plaza, where you will find some shops, restaurants, massages, etc. It is located next to Sheraton hotel, (which to my surprise has been found to be an unpleasant, run-down place).

Taking a ride from one of the hotels here to Ao Nang beach will take approx. 15 minutes and cost 500 Baht however those who can afford to stay there can probably take a private car or won’t mind this high cost at all.

On my last visit there I have been to a few newly built high-end hotels and resorts. You can see some pictures in the video I prepare for you, (at the bottom of this article).

Nopparat Thara beach – this beach is part of Ao Nang town and it borders Ao Nang beach so that travelling between the two beaches takes only one or two minutes.

As opposed to Ao Nang beach which has many shops, (mainly tailors and travel agencies), and plenty of mediocre restaurants – Nopparat Thara beach is much calmer.

The beach at Ao Nang may look good in picturet, especially at sunset but looking at it up close in daylight – the sand is black –yellowish and not very soft, many longtail boats makes lots of noise and pollute the water and there are no beach chairs and parasols to be found there.

Nopparat Thara beach is much better and cleaner. The water are very shallow, (it’s the same on Ao Nang beach), which is great for young children.

There are very few hotels and resorts located on the water line on Ao Nang beach and even these are not so great, they are mostly old, run-down and unpleasant. The better hotels and resorts are found at some distance from the beach and there is no view of the sea from their windows in most cases.

On the other hand, on Nopparat Thara beach there is a bigger variety of good hotels and resorts, (one of them can be seen in the picture), and quite a number of them are located across the beach, (only a road separates between them), so you can enjoy a great view of the sea from most of the hotels.

** Note that the part of Nopparat Thara beach where the hotels are located simply borders Ao Nang beach.

Summary: Klong Muang beach is great for wealthy people who are looking for very high quality expensive hotels and some peace and quiet.  Nopparat Thara beach is good for those of you who are interested in a fine quality hotel at a more reasonable cost, located in a quiet place but not far from all the action.

As I mentioned before, I plan to write an article summarizing all of Krabi province’s beaches, their advantages and disadvantages – however you can reach your own conclusions from the articles I have already published on this web site and choose the best area for your holiday based on them.

You can see many pictures of both beaches in the video I prepared for you – Enjoy!!!

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