Krabi 4 islands tour

Krabi 4 islands tour

Krabi 4 islands tour

The Krabi 4 islands tour  is one of the most popular cruises going out from Krabi Thailand ( Krabi Travel ).  Many agencies offer these cruises and in most cases the programs are the same. There is another cruise starting at Krabi, called the 7 Islands Cruise. It is pretty much the same as the 4 islands cruises with very little variation.

These Krabi 4 islands tour cruises starting point is not too far from Ao Nang beach, on Nopparat Thara beach.  The agencies can pick you up from your resort and take you to Nopparat Thara beach where you will find longtail boats or speed boats waiting to take you to the cruise you booked.

These cruises include Phra Nang beach, Chicken Island, Tup Island and Poda Island. The islands are located about a 30 minutes cruise from  Ao Nang beach.


Koh Tup – Tup Island (Krabi 4 islands tour)

Koh Tup island is found south-west of Ao Nang beach, between Poda island and Chicken island. It is a relatively small island with excellent soft white sand and clear blue waters with plenty of fish so you may really enjoy snorkeling and swimming there.

Krabi 4 islands tourThe unique thing about Tup island is that during low tide there is a connection between it and the nearby islands, Chicken island and Koh Mor on which you can simply walk between the islands. This special bridge like connection looks as if the sea has been “split into two” which is the typical Tup island view. During high tide this connecting bridge is covered by seawater.

Note:  it is best not to walk bare foot on the connecting bridge between the islands.




Koh Gai – Chicken Island  (Krabi 4 islands tour) – Chicken Island is located south of Koh Tup and Koh Poda and has a strange resemblance to a chicken – which accounts for its funny name.  One side of Chicken island is a green cliff with plenty of trees however its other side is a beautiful beach. Like on all other islands in this area, it also has soft white sand and clear blue waters with plenty of fish.

and is great for snorkeling and swimming. As I wrote during low tide there is a bridge connecting between this island and the 2 nearby islands – Koh Mor and Koh Tup and they actually become one big island.


Koh Poda – Poda Island – Ko Poda island is one of a small group of islands called Mu Koh Poda which are managed by the Hat Nopparat Thara – Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. The other islands in this group are the ones just mentioned – Koh Gai, Koh Tup and Koh Mor.

Koh Poda is the biggest island in this group. On its south coast there is an amazing beach stretching over one kilometer with plenty of trees and its waters are crystal clear with an abundance of fish.  Snorkeling there is highly recommended!  You can enjoy a day of sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking there. There are other beaches on this island too and even a resort.

Near the beach, there is a big rock in the water which can be seen in many famous pictures of Koh Poda – so we will give it a place of honor here too J

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