Koh Chang – Bathing with elephants in the sea

While there are several elephant farms in Ko Chang, I am personally opposed to riding elephants with a bench, disapprove and dislike all sorts of animal shows – so we were looking for a different elephant experience… and bingo, we found it !!

We discovered a farm that focuses on bathing with elephants in the sea, and it was an incredibly fun experience – for both elephants and people!!

At the end of the article, you will find a video I took on the enjoyable experience of bathing with elephants in the sea.

We been thorough and checked recommendations from locals on the above farm and they were incredibly positive. We came to personally check out the farm and sea-bathing activity with elephants, for better knowledge towards recommending and incorporating this activity into our new trip plans to Koh Chang.

Activity Description: the activity begins on the farm where you can get acquainted with the elephants and feed them. The place also has an elephant show and here I must point out that despite my dislike of live animal shows – this one was short and endearing and the treatment of the elephants seemed excellent. However, those who are not interested can skip the show and focus solely on bathing in the sea with the elephants.

I must confess that up until this time, I got to see bathing with elephants in the river or pools, but I’ve never seen an elephant bathe in the sea, and I was quite surprised. The elephants just seemed to enjoy the sea – they swam and dived and played as if it were a kids’ summer camp for kids.

Summary and opinion: the experience is extremely fun, and I still cannot tell if the people or elephants enjoyed it more. In short – you should not miss it!!