Ko Hong – The beautiful island near Krabi

Ko Hong

Ko Hong  (the room island) is part of a group of 42 limestone Thailand islands located at the edge of Tanbok Khorani National Park of Phang Nga bay (Krabi).

Ko Hong is the biggest,  most spectacular island of the group and is definitely one of the most charming islands found on the Thailand Andaman coast.  There are many caves on the island onto which the locals climb to collect bird nests to make the famous bird nest soup.

The Ko Hong island is located north of Ao Nang beach not too far into the sea and is considered a real gem that you cannot miss when traveling in south Thailand and especially in the Krabi area.

The island got its name, Ko Hong (the room island) as some caves in the middle of the island got worn out with time and formed space with a magnificent lagoon with a very narrow opening to the sea. During high tide, it’s possible to go into the lagoon by boat or kayak and dive into its clear turquoise water. The lagoon is only one meter deep so during low tide boats cannot go into it – so that if you are traveling there independently its best if you check when is the right time to visit the lagoon.

There is only one beach at Ko Hong, Pelay Beach, but it is totally breathtaking.  It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful beach in Thailand.

On the island, there is a restaurant/café and restrooms. Overnight sleeping is not permitted on this island so only day tours are possible.

There are kayaks for rent there.

In the magnificent Krabi and Phang Nga area with its wonderful views, a place has to be exceptionally beautiful to overshadow all other places – and Ko Hong is certainly that place – it is the jewel in the crown.

The enchanting lagoon, with its special emerald water, Pelay Beach with its soft white sand, crystal clear waters, an abundance of fish and coral reefs and huge lime stone rocks circling the magnificent bay turns Ko Hong to a must-see site for all tourists in the area.

To my surprise, the island is not so crowded with tourists as other islands in the area and it is a truly recommended spot.

How to get to Ko Hong:  Ko Hong is located north of Ao Nang beach in Krabi Thailand, about an hour cruise.  There are many agencies offering one day cruises to the island and its surroundings.

It is not possible to independently go to the island however you can take a Salmor (the local version of a Tok-Tok), to Khlong Muang beach which is a 15-minute drive from Ao Nang beach. You can ask the Salmor driver to take you to the Sofitel resort area on this beach.

You will see the island across and you can ask the local fishermen to get you to the island for a fee.

Note:  Ko Hong island is included in our south Thailand Family Adventure tours and in the ultimate Thailand experience – our Coast to Coast tour.

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