Hua Hin – Thailand Royal resort town

The resort town of Hua Hin is rightly considered by many (including myself) as the best resort town in Thailand.

hua hin 011_tnThe town is clean and well kept, has many wide beaches with soft white sand that stretch for miles and miles, good clean sea water, an abundance of water-sport activities and even horseback riding on the beach, a variety of markets and excellent restaurants, hotels on any price level, fulfilling night life and many diverse activities, all make Hua Hin the ultimate vacation resort for many tourists and of course Thai people.







Hua Hin is famous amongst the Thai people, for many years now, as the best hua hin 039_tnresort town and even the King of Thailand has built his summer palace here.

As the value of Pataya degraded, due to narrow beaches without any real sand, loaded with merchants and old people with their tranny companions and sea water that are a health hazard due to sewage pollution, topped by prostitution that has risen to troubling proportions, all make Hua Hin the better vacation destination.






Hua Hin is located approximately 170km from Bangkok (about 2 hours’ drive) and is considered very convenient weather-wise, especially during the hua hin 060_tnsummer months which are a favorable vacation time worldwide.

On the beaches, you’ll find an abundance of activities, water jet skies, wind gliders and more, and even horseback riding. Due to the fact that this is the royal resort town, it is perfectly safe and you will not find any traces of the Thai mafia here, a cause for many tourist entanglements

on other beaches.






Hua Hin has a wide variety of Hotels, on every price level, including simple guest-houses at very affordable prices, suitable for everyone. At around 600 SAM_0481_tnBaht per person, you can find a clean and perfectly located guest-house, including breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

Even the nightlife at Hua Hin have gone through a major transformation during the last 10 years and you’ll find here many diverse clubs and pubs (including the popular club – Insomnia).

The last fact makes Hua Hin a preferred destination even for the young crowd, both tourists and locals, that are interested in a pleasant vacation and are revolted by the prostitution and filth that rule Pataya.





This meticulously kept resort town has long become the preferred vacation destination for tourists from all around the world.

hua hin 123_tn

In my opinion, due to misleading and unfounded stigmas and in light of the fact that Hua Hin is not included in the “standard” tourist routes, a lot of people are unaware and simply miss this excellent resort town, while spending a small fortune on flight tickets to faraway resorts.

This is the place to mention, that even the road leading to Hua Hin is paved with attractions and places of interest, such as the Amphawa floating market, the swimming monkeys, the old town of Phetchaburi and more.






Adding to all these, the nearby nature attractions, Kaeng Krachan, the largest nature reserve in Thailand, Yot Sam Roi nature reserve, Pala-U waterfalls and the small and lovely island of DOWNLOAD ALL 922_tnKo Talu, all make for an amazing top notch vacation destination in Thailand.








All the attractions inside and surrounding the resort town of Hua Hin are too many to mention in one article, and so, I decided to write a separate article on the various attractions available. You are more then welcome to read more at the following link -> Attractions in Hua Hin

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Thailand Travel Guide  : Important Notice: The beach adjacent to the main beach entrance (between the Hilton and Sofitel hotels), is of lesser quality and is less recommended, it is crowded and you will be IMG_5869_tnasked to order food if you want to use the recliners. If you enter the beaches using this entrance, don’t turn to the left! Go right and continue about 300 meters, from there on, the beach is excellent, with affordable recliners and a small restaurant, located right on the beach.

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Thailand Travel Guide  : The Weather:  Many “urban legends”, regarding the amount of rain in the months of July, August and September, in Ko-Samui and the likes of it, are floating around.

In Hua Hin (Prachuap Khiirikhan Province) there is less rain during these months then in Ko-Samui, a short glance at the interactive weather map will prove it.

A link to the interactive weather map -> WEBLINK

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As usual, for your enjoyment, a short clip/presentation about Hua Hin and its nearby surroundings.



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