Dragon Temple – Wat Samphran

Wat Sampran dragon temple

Wat Samphran – Dragon Temple , Many tourists are not familiar with Nakhon Pathom district right next to Bangkok, although they cross it on their way from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. The very few who do know of the district, are aware of it thanks to a very famous tourist attraction, which features some of the organized tours, the well-known Rose Garden.

You should know, however, that at the same SAM_0989_tndistrict, literally on the road to Kanchanaburi, there are two entirely distinct attractions; each of them is unique and interesting by its own merits – the one and only Dragon Temple ( Wat Samphran ) and the Jessada Car Museum – a huge, spectacular collection of antique cars.






This article is dedicated to the Dragon Temple ( Wat Samphran ). A piece on the Jessada Car Museum will be uploaded in the near future.

Dragon TempleAt first glance, the Dragon Temple might look like a psychedelic structure, and possibly an attraction you’d expect to find at Disneyland. However, it is in fact, a real, famous temple, which is widely known to many Thai people, who attend the place to perform religious rituals and meditate.

The Dragon Temple – Wat Samphran was very famous and highly active until the 80’s, when it received particularly bad publicity, due to the fact that its main abbot (hermit), Phra Pawana Puttho was caught and convicted of many acts of rape. He was sentenced for an extended period in prison, and consequently, the temple’s appeal has reduced. However, it is still a center of attraction for many Thai people.




The Dragon Temple – Wat Samphran pink structure is enclosed by a fierce dragon figure. Its feet are on the ground, and the dragon is wrapped around the structure, with its head rising above the temple roof.

Dragon Temple

Despite its convenient location, on the main route used by many tourists, the temple is unknown and not even mentioned in Thailand guidebooks. However, it is a highly recommended attraction, and surely, it is worth a visit!

The structure is hardly the only attraction here. Inside and around the temple, you will find many interesting treasures, and if you’re lucky enough to have a good guide to lead the way, you’ll receive information and interesting explanations about the multiple symbolic exhibits, rituals, and ceremonies held in the temple.





When visiting Dragon Temple – Wat Samphran , you’ll probably see many women dressed in white, as they arrive here for meditation and various ceremonies.

Dragon Temple

A common belief suggests that one can draw strength from the dragon’s power. Indeed, as you can see in the video below, the women come here to gain strength and encouragement from the dragon.

In the Dragon Temple – Wat Samphran movie clip, you will notice a woman in white standing beneath the dragon, on a designated spot. She touches the dragon with the palms of her hands, for an extended period of time.






Dragon Temple – Wat Sampran Address: Sam Phran 11, Khlong Mai, Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom

As usual, here is a video of the attraction. Enjoy!




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