Ban Jabo Village – Mae Hong Son

Ban Jabo Village / Mae Hong SonThe village of Ban Jabo is one of the ‘unseen’ sites of Mae Hong Son. The authentic village is populated by the Lahu tribe and located on a mountain range overlooking a spectacular landscape of the entire area. The village lies on the route between the town of Pai and the city of Mae Hong Son – an hour and a half drive away from Pai. A narrow 4 km road will lead you from the main road (route 1095) to the village.

One of the most famous attractions in the Ban Jabo Village Ban Jabo Villageis a humble noodles restaurant on a hanging terrace above an abyss, overlooking the spectacular local landscape. Many come here not just for the noodles, but

to sit by the balcony’s edge, right above the abyss, when the marvelous scenery is spread in front of their eyes.

The members of the Lahu tribe are known for their colorful costumes, wonderful hospitality, and warmth. You will also find here ‘Home Stay’ accommodations – humble guesthouses owned by local families, along with local restaurants where you can taste various local dishes.

Ban Jabo Village is one of four villages that pertain to a Community Based Tourism Program, where villagers are encouraged to preserve their unique culture, and at the same time – create further income and occupation sources.

When visiting there, you can observe various manifestations of the Lahu tribe’s culture – dances, handicrafts, weaving and more. You can also go on a walking track in the area, accompanied by a local guide, of course.

My opinion:  the Ban Jabo Village is a lovely, authentic place, with spectacular landscape and a genuine opportunity to meet the Lahu tribe members. I highly recommend it!

 The Ban Jabo village is included in Tiptop Travel tour plans in northern Thailand.