Amphawa floating market and fireflies cruise

The Amphawa floating market is the most beautiful, captivating floating market in Thailand, in my opinion. The market is located at Samut Songkhram district, about 70 Km. west of Bangkok and Amphawa is its sub-district.

Amphawa floating market and fireflies cruise

Amphawa floating market is located just a short drive away (15 minutes) from the heavily toured Damnoen Saduak floating market (which most tourists refer to when they mention Thailand’s floating market).








Amphawa floating market and fireflies cruise

In the market you will find many shops offering a wide variety of goods, some of which are unique to the place. You will also find cafés, restaurants, pubs, multiple boutiques and of course, boats where special cuisines are cooked and served to the local crowd sitting on the canal banks.







Amphawa is also famous for the vast number of fireflies filling the tree tops surrounding the banks. You can take a cruise (about 60 Baht per person) to watch the fireflies.

I’ve been to Amphawa floating market and its surroundings many times, either by myself or with friends and family who came to visit. I’ve always enjoyed this beautiful, calm place and noticed its quick development. While 3-4 years ago you could hardly see any tourists there, today there is far more tourism to the place. However, the vast majority of people in the floating market are still local Thai people. I’m afraid that in a few years, the place will become as busy and packed with tourists as the nearby Damnoen Saduak, and lose its authenticity. Therefore, I recommend visiting Amphawa floating market as soon as possible.

Amphawa and its surrounding areas offer many attractions.  It is a calm, rustic countryside and I highly recommend spending a night there. There are many resorts on the river banks, with beautiful wooden huts in a unique, magical atmosphere. Additional information regarding your local accommodation options can be found in a separate article on this topic.







Amphawa floating market opening hours:

The market opens only on weekends and holidays. During the weekends, the market opens late Friday afternoon until Sunday at 22:00. (information about local holidays can be found on the website calendar). During these days, the market closes at 22:00 and on Sundays, many shops begin closing down earlier. My recommendation is to arrive at the market around 18:00.

Directions to Amphawa floating market:

If you are visiting independently, the easiest way to get to the market is by taking a van from Bangkok’s central van station, at Victory Monument in the center of Bangkok. You can rent a van to Samut Songkhram and also directly to Amphawa floating market for 80 Baht. You will find additional information about Bangkok’s central van station in the transportation chapter.



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