Tanboke Koranee National Park – Ao Leuk district, Krabi Provingce – Kayaking Experience

Kayaking Experience

Tanboke Koranee National Park – Ao Leuk district, Krabi Provingce – Kayaking Experience , Among Krabi’s province Huge limestone rocks and Mangrove forests, in south Thailand, there are well known kayaking areas such as Ao Tha Lane and others.

This article will describe one of the most popular and well known kayaking areas in Krabi province, in Ban Bor Thor village which is found in Tanboke Koranee National Park, at Ao Leuk district.

Ao Leuk is one of Krabi province districts, it borders with Phang Nga province, located approx. an hour away from Krabi town and Ao Nang beach by car. This is where you will find a small muslim village called Ban Bor Thor where the kayak pier is located.

Ban Bor Thor is a small fishermen village found on the Khlong Taprung river, flowing down through the areas typical rocks and Mangrove forests and ending on Phang Nga bay.

Next to the village you can find Bor Thor Pier along with a few restaurants, shops and kayaks for rent, (including a guide), for 2-3 hours in this magnificent place.

The area’s untouched nature and peaceful countryside atmosphere are a great setting for a wonderful kayaking trip. You can rent a kayak or cruise in a Longtail boat. In my opinion kayaking in this area is a terrific experience – not to be missed!

The area is located in Tanboke Koranee National Park. Its view is absolutely breathtaking and it also preserves some of the local history – there are ancient caves where local people used to live about 3,000 years ago and they left us special evidence on the walls in the shape of ancient paintings.

The kayaking path will take you through lush green river banks and lots of Mangrove trees. You can also see some of the different animal species living in the water and on the green river banks.

Kayaking in the area is very pleasant and relaxing. The kayaking path leads you through a special lagoon and a few caves, the best known amongst them are Tham Lot cave, (the hose cave), and Tham Pee Hua Toe, (the ghost big skull cave).

Tham Lot Cave, (the hose cave): the cave creates a canal like shape, approx. 150 meters long under the mountain, so you can kayak through it and see the magnificent stalagmites and stalactites all over the cave. The sun light coming into the cave creates special shades and lights reflecting in the water in a million colors and shades which is really a spectacular view!

Note that if you choose a Longtail boat over a kayak you will not be able to go into the caves during high tide. This can only be done by a kayak!

Tham Pee Hua Toe cave: This may be the most important cave in the area due to its historical findings which can still be seen nowadays. The cave’s name means “the ghost big skull” as the local fishermen found a skull in this area.

You can reach the cave by a short climb on the stairs leading to it. It is a pretty big cave and there is light coming from the outside so there is no problem simply walking and enjoying the cave. On its walls you can easily see many ancient paintings estimated at 3,000 years ago, as can be seen in the picture…

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I have prepared a video for you with a special note on kayaking as I wanted to bring Tanboke National Park’s wonderful feeling to you…Enjoy!!!


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