Rafting Chiang Mai

Rafting Chiang Mai , Mae Taeng area in Chiang Mai, which is located a 90-minute drive away Rafting Chiang Maifrom the city, is extremely popular when it comes to certain activities, such as elephant rides, ATV tours, zip-lines and rafting on the Mae Taeng river which flows around. The following article reviews the local rafting experience and includes important things that you should notice as well as a clip I’ve taken on site.

Mae Taeng river which cuts through the area enables a fun rafting experience for the entire family. Keep in mind that Mae Taeng area is relatively close to the city and thus full of tourists. Many day tours departing from Chiang Mai get here, and so do many tourist crowds on their standard routes, so some of the activities are very commercialized, and maintain their low quality (elephant rides and ox carts) so you should know what to pick if you are looking for a fun, entertaining and safe activity.

When it comes to rafting, you must notice certain things:

  1. The season – as I said regarding the ATV tours, the hot and dry season in the area (March – May and sometimes even June) results in a particularly low water level (10-20 cm in certain places) which means you cannot enjoy rafting in big boats, which are suited for whole families, but rather settle for small boats for 2 persons (and those aren’t always available either).Rafting Chiang Mai
  2. Picking the right company – since Mae Taeng area is packed full of tourists, many companies provide similar services and operate similar activities. Some of them are hardly professional and offer low prices – so don’t be tempted by cheap deals. The most important thing is to choose an experienced company with a good reputation, high quality equipment and most of all – qualified, trained and experienced guides who know their material when it comes to rafting – certainly don’t settle on this factor and ensure you are in safe, capable hands!

An important note: to ensure a great rafting ( Rafting Chiang Mai ) experience in our private luxury tours, we have picked a high-quality company with years of experience and specifically trained rafting guides who carry international certificates which attest for that.

  1. Types of rafting – as I’ve previously mentioned, the north is highly seasonalRafting Chiang Mai (the experience is strongly affected by the season) and I strongly recommend not to visit there from March – May/June. The water level is very low at this time of the year and so you cannot enjoy rafting in big boats for the entire family, and must settle for small rubber boats for 2 people tops. The waterflow is very weak and the experience is entirely different. Also, during this period you may not be able to do rafting at all!

My opinion: a great experience particularly in the high season (starting from August), when the water level is high and the waterflow is strong.

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♣ Check out the attached clip of the rafting experience which I took on site on early March (when the water level was already low)…Enjoy!