Petchburi River Rafting

Petchburi River rafting

Easy & relaxing rafting on the Petchburi River (two and a half hour drive from Bangkok) ,Petchburi River Rafting : Kaeng Krachan National Park is the biggest national park in Thailand, (approx. 3,000 square Km.), and one of the prettiest and most impressive ones as well. Located only two and a half hour drive from Bangkok, it is easily accessible. Click here for an article about Kaeng Krachan National Park.

There are very few people living in the park and on most of its land ther are ever-green forests with many species of animals, birds and butterflies. Two rivers cross the national park – the Pranburi river on its south and the Petchburi river which flows through its northern part.

The treks offered by the national park are pretty tough and cannot be done by families with children, however, there are some great adventures in the park for families – one of them has already been reviewed on my article about the Pala-U waterfalls.

Petchburi River Rafting This article will describe one of the best adventures for families with children of all ages – an easy and relaxing rafting on the Petchburi river which crosses Kaeng Krachan National Park.

** Note the national park offers whitewater rafting as well near the Myanmar border, however, in this article I will only review the easy and relaxing rafting for families with young children.

As the national park receives a lot of rain and there is plenty of water on the Petchburi river the Thai government has built a dam over it to allow for an all year round even water flow. Therefore Petchburi River Rafting is possible on all seasons.

The Petchburi River Rafting starting point is located next to the Kaeng Krachan Dam and the big lake it created. There are many resorts on the river banks in this area, as well as restaurants, etc. – this is where you start your rafting!

The current is relatively slow and is controlled by the dam all year long, the inflatable boats are very comfortable and stable and there is an experienced guide on every boat for easy rafting. The rafting along the 8 Km. path takes about an hour. At the end of the rafting they will take care of your return way back to the starting point.

Along the way of the Petchburi River Rafting there are stopping points to allow you to see the different attractions of the national park such as water slides and tree top adventure – all of which you can see in the video I prepared for  you at the bottom of this article.

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For your convenience, here is a short video I prepared for you so you can get a taste of the rafting adventure on the Petchburi river.



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