The Emerald Pool Thailand & Hot Springs, Krabi Province – Sa Morakot

Emerald pool thailand

The Emerald Pool Thailand & Hot Springs, Krabi Province -Sa Morakot

Krabi province is well known for its wonderful beaches and variety of magnificent islands. No doubt the islands and beaches draw most of the tourists to the area, however, there are some attractive inland sites worth visiting too the Emerald Pool Krabi ( Sa Morakot) Thailand & Hot Springs, Krabi Province

In this article we will review two very famous sites located in Krabi on the mainland which are a “must see” for every tourist. I will review additional sites on other articles on this web site. You can travel to both sites discussed in this article from Ao Nang beach and from other locations or simply rent a car and drive there.

The Emerald Pool Thailand , or as it is called in Thai, “Sa Morakot” is a charming nature gem. The Emerald Pool Krabi is located in the forest of Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve in Khlong district, about an hour drive from Ao Nang beach.

What is so amazing about this pool is the changing colors of its water – they go from light green to turquoise with the changing of the water’s temperature. The pool is approx. 100 square meters with a 25 meter diameter. It is 1.5-1.8 meter deep.

You can bathe in the water, but please remember to bring towels with you as there are no changing rooms available. In addition, you should take extra care at the edge of the pool as it is very slippery.

Do not drink the water in the pool as they contain a high calcium carbonate concentration!!!

Going into the Emerald Pool Thailand ( Sa Morakot ) is not free – once you have paid and entered, there are two walking paths: a wide, 800 meter long path which will lead you directly to the pool, or a longer track, 1400 meter long, that will take you to the pool through a beautiful forest.

Emerald Pool Thailand ( Sa Morakot ) Opening hours: every day between 8:30 AM – 17:00 PM. I recommend that you visit here on weekdays and not on weekends or Thai holidays. In addition, it is best to come either during the morning or afternoon.

Bring with you: bottles of water, towels, comfortable snickers for walking, swimsuit.

How to get to the Emerald Pool  Krabi ( Sa Morakot ) : many travel agencies will be happy to sell you a tour to the Emerald Pool however you can rent a car and drive there – take number 4 road, (the main south Thailand road), towards Khlong Thom district, turn left to road number 4038 going towards Lam Hap and you will see the Emeral Pool road sign.

Note: I recommend you combine your visit at the Emerald Pool Thailand with a visit to the Hot Springs which are just a short distance away.

Click here for a detailed and interesting article about the place.

The Hot Springs are called Nam Tok Ron in Thai. They are located in the middle of the forest a few kilometers from the Emerald Pool. A number of hot springs in the area create a hot stream.

Many years of hot water full of minerals running down this stream have created natural stairs and small pools along the stream which tourists simply enjoy bathing in, as if they were hot tabs.

This is not a spring or a pool but rather a waterfall with a moderate slope. The water temperature is 35-40 degrees Celsius and together with the water flow it gives a real natural hot tab feeling which is so nice you won’t want to leave it.

The most important mineral found in the hot springs is copper – which gives the rocks around the water a greenish sort of color. The combination of the vegetation growing around and the deep green of the waterfalls and stream of hot water is very relaxing. After a stay in the natural hot tab you can hop over to the cold water of the nearby stream to cool down a bit.

The hot springs are located at Khao Mor Juji forest. Once you have paid and got in, a nice path will lead you to the hot springs found at a short distance from the entry point.

Emerald Pool Krabi  Opening hours: 8:30 AM – 18:00 PM – note that just like in the Emerald Pool case, it is best to come here in the morning or afternoon, after the agencies tours have left the place. In addition I suggest you avoid weekends and Thai holidays.

How to get to the Hot Springs: here too, just like in the Emerald Pool case, there are plenty of agencies which will be happy to sell you their tour tickets to the Hot Springs, however, it is also possible to get to the Hot Springs by taxi or by car.

Please Note:  The Emerald Pool Krabi and Hot Springs are included in our quality tours of south Thailand and in the ultimate Thailand experience, our Coast to Coast tour.

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