Patpong Night Market – Bangkok

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Patpong Night Market , When I first visited Thailand over 20 years ago, Patpong area was a famous, popular place, Patpong Night Marketand almost all the tourists visited the local night market or one of the many clubs in the area, with their famous ‘Ping Pong’ shows. Patpong area, the market and clubs, were packed full of visitors.





If you’ve visited the place during the last decade you might find this hard to believe, but back Patpong Night Marketin the days Patpong was in high demand and had a nice atmosphere. True, there were always those infamous shows but back then it was common for many couples and even women alone to come watch them. For a low priced (70 baht) bottle of beer, they spent a nice evening watching the shows. Both the market (on the street) and the clubs (on both street sides) had a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.




Things took a turn for the bad some 10 years ago, and the area, its clubs and the Patpong Night Marketmarketplace clearly deteriorated since. I don’t know the exact cause, but it might have something to do with Sukhumvit street filling with night markets. At any event, there was a major decrease in the numbers of visitors to the famous Patpong clubs. Apparently, the low number of clients stressed the club owners so much, that they started practicing various ways to get more money out of tourists, including use of violence.




Therefore, it’s no surprise that I haven’t visited Patpong during the nights for many years. When I visited the area to prepare this article, I was very disappointed. The place looks pretty much the same on the outside, but the fun, bubbly atmosphere is long gone. There are far less visitors and the experience was altogether unpleasant.

Arrival: by taxi or Skytrain (Saladaeng station)