Tham Pla – The Fish Cave- Mae Hong Son

Tham Pla

Tham Pla (the Fish Cave) / Mae Hong Son , Some 17 km from the city of Mae Hong Son, there’s a little park called Tham Pla Forest Park. It is a part of a large park called Tham Pla-Namtok Phasuea National Park, where you will find Pha Suea waterfall (the ‘mat’ waterfall) – the most beautiful waterfall in Mae Hong Son.

The park is lovely, neat and pleasant, with walking paths and small bridges above the stream which flows there. The main attraction here is ‘The Fish Cave”, and here I should pause and explain that the use of ‘cave’ may be exaggerated and somewhat of a gimmick designed to attract curious tourists…Essentially, it’s a pool with large fish that you can feed.

A short, nice 500 meters’ walk in the lovely walking paths will get you to a medium sized pool, filled with large carp fish (various species of oily freshwater fish). Kids will surely love this and adults may enjoy the experience as well.

Near the pool, you’ll find a cave or rather a cranny in a rock. In its depth, you can see those large fish swimming in the crowded water. The fish here are considered sacred, and next to the pool, you’ll find a statue of a Hindu saint called Nara, who is said to watch and protect the sacred fish from any harm. Visitors can buy fish food and feed them on site and indeed, this is the main activity here.

To sum it up: the cave is quite famous but I can’t say I’m sure why. It’s not really a cave but more of a photogenic fish pool. However, it’s location is a lovely park, and it’s nice to visit there and feed the fish – especially for kids.

If you’re driving on the way from Mae Hong Son to Pai, have some free time and need some rest, you can definitely stop by for a break in this lovely park.

My opinion: a rather average attraction – a nice little park with a fish pool

♥ The place is located on Tiptop Travel tour route and may be included in the tour plan if you wish to visit there


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