Sukhothai Attractions

Sukhothai area is famous for its historical sites but also features other excellent attractions that reflect the authentic, beautiful Thailand that is hard to find in heavily crowded tourist destinations.

Sukhothai Historical Park

The ancient capital remains are now in the famous and spectacular park. This is by far the most famous attraction around, with the impressive remains of the first capital of Siam, which was most glorious some 700 years ago.

A visit to Sukhothai Historical Park is like a fascinating walk back in time, and I find it more enjoyable and interesting than day-touring in the tourist-packed Ayutthaya for example. The place is kept by the Thai Ministry of Culture; it is well nurtured and easy to travel and explore in various ways.

Sukhothai Attractions: Authentic Thai village

Sukhothai province is far from Chiang Mai and Bangkok’s busy tourist destinations. Thus, it maintains the quiet, rural lifestyle, which prevails for many generations.

Some 90 minutes away from the city of Sukhothai, there’s a small village surrounded by lovely gardens, lush flower beds, and green rice fields. The village is open to visitors – most of whom are locals.

If you’d like to experience a real Thai village rather than a fake tourist show (as many other places in Thailand offer) – this lovely, authentic village is highly recommended.

The village is included in our private luxury tours.

Sukhothai Attractions

Offering Giving to Monks (Tak Bat)

The ritual of offering giving to monks is an integral part of Thai culture; it is a way for the locals to express their gratitude to the monks who devote their lives to educate others about taking the high and right paths in human life.

Chao Ram cave

In several spots in Thailand countryside, there’s a phenomenon at dusk, where a swarm of millions of bats emerges from a cave sitting on a mountain, filling the sky and creating a spectacular sight!! One of the very few places where you can see this is in a natural reserve in the Sukhothai area.

A visit to the cave and watching the bats can be included as part of our private luxury tours in the Sukhothai area.

Sukhothai Attractions

The Arts of Weaving and Ceramics

Sukhothai is a true heaven for lovers of such local arts. The special ceramics creations of the ancient kingdom (Sangkhalok Ceramic ware) are featured in many museums around the world and the Sukhothai area still features artists and workshops who practice the traditional methods to date, as they passed from one generation to the next.

When it comes to weaving special patterns – the Tai Puan tribe who settled in the area and its unique traditional weaving techniques are also kept and used to date in the villages around.

Si Satchanalai area

The city was the second most important in the ancient Sukhothai kingdom and today is a quiet sub-district of Sukhothai. In the area, you’ll find a historical park and authentic villages which maintained the unique, traditional arts of ceramics and weaving that were typical of the area.

Si Satchanalai area is just an hour away north of Sukhothai, yet most tourists do not know it. For those interested in history and arts – this is serene authentic heaven.