Singha Park – Chiang Rai

Singha Park belongs to Boon Rawd, a well-known Thai brewery who produced the famous beer titled Singha. In earlier times, on this fertile land, with the comfortable local weather, grew barley crops which were used to produce the beer.

A few years ago (late 2012), Singha company decided to turn the place into a tourist destination – an entertaining hang out location for locals and visitors. Today, you’ll find here a huge park, which spreads across some 13 sqm, and features some of the biggest, most beautiful tea plantations in Thailand, lovely, well-kept gardens, a lake with 50 swans, a nice zoo and diverse activities such as zip lines, bicycle rides, a climbing wall and more to see and do, alongside coffee shops, restaurants and little shops.

Though you may explore the park by foot, it is a huge surface, so you should probably join the trailer which drives through the park in a regular route and stops in different spots; you can also rent a bicycle of any kind (mountain bikes, kids’ bike or double-seat bicycles), and travel comfortably and freely.

For those who wish to rent a bicycle, the designated paths in the park are excellent, and you also get helmets and a detailed park-map with the distances and difficulty-levels of every path.Singha Park

The attractions in Singha Park include:

♦ One of the highest Climbing Walls in Thailand

Ziplines in the beautiful landscape of vast tea plantations, lakes, and gardens

♦ A nice little Petting Zoo featuring giraffes and zebras who will be more than happy if you feed them, alongside sweet little birds who will cheerfully come to you – lots of fun for both parents and children

Gardens and Orchards abounding with fruits and vegetables; wide beds of colorful flowers

A Swans’ Lake featuring 50 white swans welcoming the visitorsSingha Park

♦ Modern, well-kept Restaurants & Coffee Shops including an Italian pizza place with various foods and pastries

In addition to all the attractions that are available regularly – the Singha Park features diverse, special activities throughout the year, including concerts by the most famous bands in Thailand, bicycle races and once a year – a hot-air-balloon festival.

In conclusion: a spectacular, well-kept site with activities for the entire familySingha Park

My Opinion: This attraction is an absolute must for families with kids who visit Chiang Rai

– Don’t miss it!


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