Si Lanna National Park – Chiang Mai

Si Lanna National Park – Chiang Mai ,  Si Lanna is a rural national park,Si Lanna National Park located a 90-minute drive away from Chiang Mai in the northern direction. The park stretches over a large surface, covering several districts of Chiang Mai province: Phrao, Dao and Mae Taeng.

The water in the Si Lanna National Park partly flow into Ping River, and partly into a large reservoir, thus creating Mae Ngat Somboon Chon Dam – one of the main attractions in the national park. You can take a lake cruise and/or enjoy a unique overnight stay in a floating resort – a distinct, pastoral experience, without a doubt. Yet the greatest attraction you’ll find here is the beautiful, exceptional Bua Thong waterfalls. You cannot find similar waterfalls elsewhere – so don’t miss out on the experience and keep reading for further details.

Bua Thong waterfalls are not only beautiful and impressive, but also unique; a mysterious phenomenonSi Lanna National Park renders them famous for their “sticky water”. Would you like to know why? Check out my extended article on Bua Thong waterfalls click here

Bua Thong waterfalls are included in our private luxury tour plans through northern Thailand

♣ Scroll down the page to check out the clip I took of Bua Thong waterfalls

My opinion: Si Lanna National Park – highly recommended!!

Abseiling – in a rather hidden, unfamiliar spot in the Si Lanna National Park, Si Lanna National Park not too far from Bua Thong waterfalls, there’s a natural water pool, which is partially surrounded by 10 meter vertical walls. As part of our private luxury tours and with prior coordination – you can include abseiling as part of your visit to the park. The activity is led by professional guides and facilitated by professional equipment, so it can suit first-timers, families and kids of all ages, who can enjoy the experience while closely accompanied by the local guide.

Please be advised: this is no daily activity, and should be coordinated in advance.

♥ Abseiling may be included as part of the tour to Bua Thong waterfalls, but the activity requires prior scheduling and costs an extra charge.

My opinion: a fun experience for the entire family, including members from various age groups

To conclude: the entire area is off the standard tourist grid, away from the common, redundant path. However, it is popular among locals and foreigners who live in Chiang Mai. You won’t see plenty of tourist busses, and the site is hardly commercialized – which sadly, I can’t say for other places in Chiang Mai.

Si Lanna National Park is beautiful and enjoyable even for those who don’t plan to engage in cliff climbing – it provides a beautiful, unique and pastoral setting, with small pools and crystal clear water, plenty of butterflies and a great picnic location (there are also several restaurants on site).

My opinion: I highly recommend the entire Si Lanna National Park area and the activities it provides!!


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