Pha Suea Waterfall – Mae Hong Son

Waterfall Thailand Pha Suea Waterfall / Mae Hong Son ,Pha Suea Waterfall located some 26 km from the city of Mae Hong Son, in Pla Cave-Pha Suea Waterfall Thailand National Park. During the rainy season (July – September), a large amount of water nourishes the waterfall, creating a mat-like appearance, hence the name ‘the mat waterfall’ – for which the waterfall is well known.

The water of Pha Suea Waterfall come from Sa Nga river in Myanmar, and the waterfall is the most beautiful and impressive in Mae Hong Son area. Pha Suea Waterfall has 6 levels and contains water all year long, but its peak is in the rainy season (July-September).

Near the Waterfall route, there is a small visitors center, with a walking trail to towards the waterfall, and terraces that allow you to watch this lovely scenery. The Waterfall area is pleasant and welcoming, and you may visit the waterfall every day from 8:30 PM – 4:30 pm.Waterfall Thailand

A short drive away from the Waterfall , you’ll find the following attractions:

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Phu Klon Mud Spa ==> click the link
Pang Oung ==> click the link

The Chinese village of Ban Rak Thai ==> click the link

My opinion:  Pha Suea Waterfall , highly recommended and worth your time. The waterfall is beautiful, especially during the rainy season.

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