Pai Walking Street – Mae Hong Son

Pai Walking Street

The town of Pai features one of the best Pai Walking Street in Thailand. Pai Walking StreetThis colorful, bubbly place abounds with food stalls of all sorts offering some great dishes, high-quality coffee shops, pubs playing live music, various shops, massage and tattoo parlors and more.

In the center of town, alongside a rather long street and the alleys branching out from it, there’s a great Pai Walking Street with a fun, colorful atmosphere, that you just shouldn’t miss!!

In my opinion, Pai’s walking street reflects the unique character and nature of the town – Pai is the temporary home of many tourists, and most of them are backpackers. Many call it “The Northern Khao San”, and although there are more than a few similarities between the two – Pai is much cleaner, more pleasant and appears far better than the Khao San area.

On the Pai Walking Street, you’ll encounter an assortmentPai Walking Street of diverse characters that demonstrate Pai’s population – many foreigners who came to Thailand and married northern locals, settled there and opened guest houses and Cafes; Thai hippies who escaped the dreadful commercialization of southern locations turned into crowded tourist destinations such as Koh Samui and Phuket, moved to Pai, opened pubs, tattoo parlors and shops there; lots of backpackers from across the world who come to relax and enjoy weeks and month-long vacations; and finally tourists who stop by for a short time throughout their tours in the area.

Location: The Phi Walking Street is located along ChaisongkranPai Walking Street street and the northern part of Rungsiyanon street.

Opening Hours: The Phi Walking Street is active every day starting from the late June up to 10 PM and sometimes later – depending on the season, the number of tourists, weather etc.

My Opinion:  A very fun, entertaining and colorful place. One of the best Walking Streets in Thailand



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