Mae Hong Son town \ Doi Kong Mu

Mae Hong Son

The mountain and temple which graces its top are one of the few famous destinations around Mae Hong Son town. The mountain is about 1 km away from Mae Hong Son and you can access it through a comfortable road leading up to the temple.

The temple is called Wat Phra That Kong Mu and it is known as Wat Plai Doi. It is a Burmese-styled temple with 2 white pagodas from the 18th century, and it contains other structures as well. There’s also a small market and coffee shop on site.

Even people who aren’t temple enthusiasts should visit the site; the mountain and temple allow a 360-degree overview of the valley, lake Jom Khan, the local airport and Mae Hong Son town, as well as Burma Mountains.

If you visit the place during the early morning hours, you’ll get to enjoy a spectacular view of the fogs covering the valley; many get there towards dawn, to watch the marvelous sunsets as the sun slowly goes down beyond Burma mountains.

My Opinion: you must visit here, I highly recommend it!

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