Lampang Weekend Market

Lampang weekend market is a pedestrian walking zone active on weekends only. Similar to the city of Lampang, it is known to be unique by its setting and special atmosphere, rather than the commodities sold here.

The Market is known as Kad Kong Ta – the market by the pier (in northern Thailand dialect). It is located by the Ratchadapisek bridge that stretches above Wang river; it’s one of the city’s most famous bridges.

The Lampang Weekend Market parallels the river, on Talat Gao Thanon street (old market street) – and it is old indeed, exists over 100 years ago, from the time of King Rama 5.

Back then, Lampang was a local trading center, and particularly teak wood. Many companies and merchants from neighboring lands have built their homes and offices there. There were companies from England, Burma, and many Chinese, so the market is also known as Talat Chin (The Chinese Market).

These companies and merchants have built their houses and businesses in the styles of their home cultures, and these houses were kept from one generation to another while maintaining their unique architectural characters.

Therefore, the weekend market has such unique setting, featuring various ancient buildings that are well kept in their differing styles – colonial, Burmese, Chinese and more. These structures are on both sides of the walking zone, creating a unique setting for visitors.

Lampang Weekend Market opening hours : Every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) around 4 PM, the street closes for vehicle traffic and turns into a pedestrian walking zone, with various stands offering different foods, handcrafts and souvenirs. On the market sides, in those ancient, well kept buildings, you’ll find small coffee shops, pubs and restaurants.

You should keep in mind that most visitors are locals, so the atmosphere is very different here and so is the commodity sold – compared to tourist-packed markets in the north. There aren’t many fake brands here – t-shirts, watches, etc. – but rather an entirely different atmosphere, that’s more authentic and local than commercialized, tourist-packed markets like Chiang Mai’s night market for instance.

Operating Hours: Saturdays and Sundays only between 5 to 10 PM.


Lampang Weekend Market is different than any other Thai market visited by tourists. The atmosphere is very different here and the market is very authentic, serving mostly locals. It has an innocent and genuine feel, that you can only find in the non-commercialized areas of Thailand. The setting is different, the atmosphere is different and so is the entire experience.