Lawa Cave – Kanchanaburi

Lawa Cave

Lawa Cave – KanchanaburiLocated in a district of Kanchanaburi Province, called Sai Yok, Lawa Cave is found approx. 75 Km. from the town of Kanchanaburi. There are many tourist attractions in the district of Sai Yok, such as waterfalls, caves, The Tiger Temple, The Death Train and Hellfire Pass, the Lion City with the Khmer Temples, etc.

The Lawa  Cave can be reached either by car or by a longtail boat. It is found in the local jungle a few meters from the river banks. You can get to it by climbing many stairs, however, the way is convenient and not very hard.

Lawa Cave is located some 50 meters from the Khawe Noi River, it is 500 meters long and has lots of very pretty stalagmites and stalactites. This is a big and  impressive cave divided into 5 rooms.

The Cave entrance is a bit narrow however, the Cave is very big inside and it is easy to walk around in it.

It seems a lot of efforts have been put into keeping the Lawa  Cave undamaged and there are no lights to create special effects there. There is a walking path and minimal lighting arrangements so you can really see the  in its natural form.

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