Hua Hin Resorts & Hotels (Third article)

Hua Hin Resorts

The Royal resort Town of Hua Hin Resorts – Hotels 

The royal resort town of Hua Hin is one of the best and most famous resort towns in Thailand.  Its high quality and excellent beaches are very well known to the local folks and tourists.

Its wonderful summer weather, miles and miles of great beaches with soft white sand, clean water, plenty of good hotels and resorts on the water line, many tourist attractions, markets, shops, good restaurants and the pretty wild nature reserves surrounding it, all makes Hua Hin the resort town western tourists prefer.

It is not without reason that all of Thailand’s kings have chosen Hua Hin as the preferred town for spending their summer holidays and built their palace there.

As beaches and hotels are the essence of this resort town, (apart from its tourist attractions, adventures, markets, etc.), I decided to dedicate this article especially to Hua Hin’s beaches and hotels and Hua Hin resorts. The article will focus on Hua Hin’s beaches which stretch along 10 Km. and the many hotels located on these beaches. On my next article, (the 4th in this series), I will review the area south of Hua Hin, (20 minute drive) – Sam Roy Yot National Park area and the Pranburi area where there are excellent hotels such as Six Senses and Evason as well as upscale boutique hotels which are specially recommended to honeymoon couples.

Hua Hin Beaches (general):

Hua Hin beaches stretch over 10 Km. – beginning at Cha Am area, north of the town and going all the way up to Khao Takiab – the famous cliff located to the south of, where The Monkey Temple and a great lookout over the town are found.

As Hua Hin is the royal resort town and the weekend escape of Bangkok’s upper class, it is very well kept – it is clean and there are flowers everywhere and there is absolutely no organized crime as can be seen on Pataya, Ko Samui and Phuket beaches. This means you can safely enjoy marine sports without the fear of being blackmailed or subjected to violence.

Hua Hin’s wonderful beaches are the real reason so many tourists and local folks go there. Everyone enjoys these amazing beaches as well as other adventures the town offers such as national parks, lots of markets, shops, restaurants, the most modern water park in Thailand, etc.

One of Hua Hin’s beaches advantages is that there is no road separating the hotels and Hua Hin resorts from the beach itself, (as can be seen on Pataya and other beaches), so that many of the Hua Hin resorts are actually located on the water line. You can simply hop from the swimming pool to the sea and back – which really gives an added value to your holiday. This is a great advantage to families.

Because of the lack of a road going along the beaches anyone who doesn’t know Hua Hin well won’t even be aware of their existence.

Most of the beaches are wide with soft white sand and clear blue water, (as opposed to Pataya where there is no real sand and the water is dangerously polluted). The water is clean and not very deep. The sea is warm all year round – so that swimming is quite safe and a good choice of different marine sports is available.

Hua Hin’s beaches stretch over miles and miles, offering a variety of different kinds of baeches – some are more relaxed and others are lively with plenty of beach chairs and parasols, cafés, restaurants, massages, etc. (as can be seen on the video at the bottom of this article), so that anyone can find the best beach for them. I must stress that according to the local law all beaches are public and open to the crowd!!

Hua Hin’s Beaches – Review:

As I wrote, Hua Hin’s beaches stretch over many miles and the worst beach is the one next to Hilton and Centara hotels. This is a crowded narrow beach. It is unpleasant and there are rocks there. In case you would like a beach chair you will have to purchase lunch there. This beach is only 200 meters long and I recommend that you avoid it.

The better beaches begin approx. 300 meters south of Centara hotel, (previously Sofitel), and go all the way south to Khao Takiab, which is where the best beaches are found, (at the feet of the cliff).

In case you don’t have a room in one of the first class hotels and resorts on the beach and you don’t have a rented car – it is best to take a Tok Tok, (or the Green bus), to one of the better beaches found in the south of the town, beginning at the Market Village shopping center and on, all the way to Khao Takiab, (at the feet of the cliff on both its sides).

Hua Hin beach activities:

As opposed to what’s going on in the famous beaches of Ao Nang and Railay, where there are no beach chairs and parasols – most of Hua Hin’s beaches offer all these comforts and more… In addition there is horseback riding for all ages along the beaches – which is a great activity – I highly recommend it.

As opposed to other beaches where organized crime took over all marine sports, in places such as Pataya, Ko Samui and Phuket, where warnings have been issued over and over again – Hua Hin’s beaches are free of organized crime and it is safe to rent a Jet Ski and enjoy it without the fear of being blackmailed as sometimes happens in other places as I mentioned.

Hua Hin is well known for its Kite Surfing and there are Kite Surfing schools there too.

Hua Hin Hotels and Hua Hin Resorts:

Hua Hin offers plenty of hotels and Hua Hin resorts for any spending level of  – beginning with simple guesthouses for the cost of only 600 Baht and ending with lots of exclusive five star hotels.

You can find all the best hotels and chains in Haua Hin – beginning with Dusit Thani, Sheraton and Anantara in the northern part, Hilton and Centara in the central-northern part, Intercontinental in the central-southern part and Hyatt hotels and Wora Bura in the south of the town, (in Khao Takiab).

In addition to these hotels there are many Hua Hin resorts located on the water line or near it. Please take into consideration that the cost of a resort located on the water line is higher of course. Also note that hotels and resorts are fully booked during weekends and Thai holidays. So if you would like to spend time in Hua Hin resorts during these days you’ll have to book your hotel \resort well in advance.

Summary: there is no other place in Thailand which offers better beaches and a prettier scenery than the Andaman Sea beaches of the south, found in Krabi, Phang Nga and the surrounding area. Thailand re-offers plenty of wonderful places for a holiday or a tour. There are no “good” or “bad” places but rather a place that lives up to your expectations or not.

Since a holiday in Thailand can cost quite a lot of money, it is best to read about the place you are going to in order to take a smart decision and really enjoy your holiday.

Unfortunately, many tourists spend a lot of time and money getting to far-away places only to find out that they are completely different from what they imagined.

For this reason I have elaborated about Hua Hin and Khao Lak, which are two of the best resort towns in Thailand, so that our tourists have a greater variety of good alternatives to choose from.

Please Note: here is a news report from the local news – “Bangkok, Pattaya, Krabi, Hua Hin, Samui and Chiang Mai are most popular destinations among tourists”

Click here to read this article

Put aside the fact that Phuket did not even make the list… who is right in the middle? Hua Hin!!!

Important Note: many tourists come to Thailand during the summer month of July – September. It is good to know that precipitation is lower in the royal holiday town of Hua Hin, (Prachuap Khirikhan province), than in places like Ko Samui and Ko Phangan. A short look at the interactive weather map will verify that. Click here for Thailand’s interactive weather map.

As always, here is a short video I prepared for you about Hua Hin’s beaches – Enjoy!!



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