Cha-Am Resort Town near Hua Hin

Cha-Am Resort Town near Hua Hin , Cha Am resort town is located some 25 km north of its larger, luxurious ‘sister’ town – Hua Hin.

Cha Am offers great beaches, plenty of hotels and lodgings of all sorts and price levels, as well as various attractions, including local tours, amusement parks and even a great outlet called Premium Outlet.

Cha Am is a popular vacation destination for many Thai families and quite a few tourists (mostly Europeans), and it is quieter and more common than the royal resort town of Hua Hin. Cha Am beaches spread over some 7 km; its more active beaches are in the northern part, and they provide parasols, beach chairs, water sports, restaurants etc. The southern beaches of the town are far more quiet.

Cha Am, Hua Hin and Pranburi are the most popular resort towns among the residents of Bangkok and central Thailand. These tourist destinations are visited by both locals and foreign tourists. Cha Am offers a different atmosphere than its ‘siblings’ as it is simpler, humbler, more common, authentic and cheaper. Thus, it greatly appeals to national tourism

All 3 towns are quieter during the week yet fully packed during weekends and holidays. If you wish to visit one of them in weekends, and particularly during holidays, you should book your hotel room in advance (preferably a long time before your visit).

Hua Hin, the royal resort town hosts regals and local aristocrats during their weekends/vacations. It is more luxurious, lavish and stylish, exudes a western vibe and provides a vast amount of attractions and versatile activities. Pranburi, located south of Hua Hin) is quieter and offers mostly prestigious boutique hotels.

Cha Am is home to many Europeans and a popular tourist destination, especially among families who are seeking peace and quiet in a calmer, more common, authentic and local setting. They can enjoy the experience in far lower prices than the 2 other, more luxurious resort towns.

Along Cha Am shores, there’s a street that features most of the hotels, shops and restaurants. During the evening hours, you’ll see many locals and tourists strolling peacefully along the street. One of the most adorable things in Cha Am, which makes the resort town stand out – is family bicycles in various colors, which the entire family can ride. There are bicycles for 2, 3 and even 4 people which you can rent anywhere.

In terms of nightlife – Cha Am is very quiet and practically doesn’t have such. If you want to have some fun, take a 15 minutes’ ride to Hua Hin and enjoy the bubbly nightlife. You’ll find most hangouts and clubs, massage parlors and pubs in the area behind the Hilton hotel.

The accommodation in Cha Am is far cheaper than Hua Hin and Pranburi. You can easily find a decent, pleasant hotel for some 900 baht per night, and several great hotels – which will cost you half the price than similar hotels in Hua Hin – offer beautiful beaches and swimming pools.

Local Atttactions – apart from the fast, easy access to Hua Hin and its various attractions, Cha Am offers the Santorini Park and Premium Outlet, where you can buy various brands in cheap prices. Slightly north of Cha Am, you’ll find Khao Wang – the palace on the hill.

In Conclusion: Cha Am is a nice yet common resort town, with a local, authentic Thai vibe. It’s a great destination for families seeking a quiet vacation on the beach, in Hua Hin area, and close to Pranburi, yet in a far cheaper price.

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