Khao Takiab – The cliff and beaches of south Hua Hin

Khao Takiab

Khao Takiab is the name of a very famous cliff at the south of Hua Hin, the royal holiday town. The area/neighborhood located at the foot of the cliff, which surrounds it from all its sides is also called Khao Takiab. Khao Takiab actually means Chopsticks in the Thai language. The cliff is located appox 7 Km. from the center of Hua Hin town and indicates its southern city line.

The small town located at the foot of the cliff was once a fishermen village called Khao Takiab village. Even today there is a small port with many fishing boats at the entrance to the path going up the cliff.

This 270 meters high cliff is a great vontage point over the town. In addition there are a few temples at the top of the cliff, such as Wat Khao Takiab, which was nicknamed by the locals “The Monkeys Temple” because of the many monkeys living there.

At the foot of the cliff next to the water line there is a golden Buddha statue looking over the sea, the Buddha statue symbolizes Hua Hin, the royal holiday town. This is also where you’ll find Hua Hin’s famous royal train station.

Khao Takiab town:  as I wrote, the town was once a small peaceful fishermen village, bordering Hua Hin at its south end. Even today the small town has a port with plenty of fishing boats.

The area has been commercialized in a fast paste during the past 10 years, many hotels have been built, the most famous of them are Wora Bura and Hyatt and the new Amari hotel, (its drawback is that it is not located right on the water).

Nowadays, Khao Takiab is really a neighborhood of Hua Hin royal holiday town and is a part of it.

In recent years many shops, restaurants, pubs and the wonderful Cicada Market have been opened in Khao Takiab. Cicada Market is nothing like you will ever see anywhere else in Thailand, it is open only on weekends – Not to be missed!!!

Note: Hua Hin district spreads over a pretty big area, it includes Hua Hin town, the royal holiday town and many other places near it, which are also part of the district. The area is a popular tourist destination and is considered to be one of the better tourist attractions in Thailand.

Khao Takiab Cliff: as I wrote, the cliff indicates Hua Hin’s southern end and it is 270 meters high. There are lots of restaurants, stalls and markets at the foot of the cliff.

It is possible to go up the cliff either by foot from the beach at its northern side where you’ll find the golden Buddha or by car. This is a pretty steep way and it goes almost all the way up to the top of the cliff.

On top of the cliff there are a few temples, shops and restaurants and many monkeys. From the parking area you can walk around and feed the monkeys and walk up the stairs to Wat Khao Takiab temple where you can enjoy the magnificent view.

Summary: Khao Takiab is the name of a cliff and a neighborhood at the southern end of Hua Hin the royal holiday town.  Khao Takiab area is peaceful and has wonderful beaches. It is absolutely great for families with children. It is only 7 Km. away from the center of Hua Hin and is easily accessible.

How to get to Khao Takiab: There are a few ways to get from Hua Hin town to Khao Takiab (and back) – Tuk Tuk (approx. 200 Baht), taxi or motorbike (100 Baht), but the easiest way is by Songthaews which is basically a green pick up track, leaving every 15 minutes and the cost is only 10 Baht per person (see the picture).

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