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Terrain Vehicle

Hua Hin ATV : When we discuss

Terrain Vehicle we refer to Hua Hin province which spread over a wide area with many holiday towns, fishermen villages, nature reserves, beaches, bays and islands as well as small serene villages and lots of pineapple orchards, etc.

The town of Pranburi located approx. 20 Km. south of the royal holiday town, Hua Hin. In Pranburi, you can find luxury hotels such as Six Senses and sweet little boutique hotels such as Aleenta, etc., all located on the lovely local beaches.

Around Pranburi area, close to Pranburi river estuary, there is a small fishermen village with many fish restaurants offering great fish and sea fruit dishes. To the west, facing the mountain chain bordering with Myanmar you can find lots of small villages with pineapple orchards spreading over wide areas of land.

Hua Hin ATV  : Our All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) tour starts at Pranburi beach (Hua Hin area) and goes along the beaches, towards the rural area where there are plenty of Pineapple orchards and fields spread over wide areas of land, with the beautiful mountain chain at the scenery on the one hand and the pretty beaches on the other.

The ATV Hua Hin tour takes about 90 minutes and goes through places that can’t be reached any other way – this is a wonderful way to experience the real taste of Thailand.

Please Note: The Hua Hin ATV tour is combined in “TipTop Travel” – Thailand Private Family Adventure Tours (Hua Hin area tour) and in the (ultimate Thailand Family Adventure tour experience), and in “TipTop Travel”: Thailand Private Family Adventure Tours (Coast to Coast tour).

Terrain Vehicle

As always, here is a video with pictures and clips of the area I prepared for you so you can get a feeling of Hua Hin ATV   …. Enjoy!!!

Terrain Vehicle



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