Samut Songkhram Travel Province and the Amphawa Travel District

Amphawa District and Samut Songkhram district , Songkhram district is located in the center of Thailand, 70 kilometers west from Bangkok. Aalthough it is the smallest of Thailand’s districts (in size), it offers many different attractions. Mae Klong river passes through Samut Songkhram; it is surrounded by various tourist attractions. Places of interest can also be found in the canals connected to the river and on the coastline, attracting both overseas tourism and internal tourism. The frequent rain in the rustic region enables locals to grow various kinds of fruit: grapes, coconut, litchi and more. The area is also well known for its oyster farms, sugar production and salt industry.Amphawa District

Samut Songkhram offers plenty of attractions for young and old. As you can see in the list below, this is the perfect place for those who want to have a taste of authentic, rustic Thailand, just a short ride from Bangkok. The multiple attractions, peace and calm of the pastoral region, and the warm welcome of the local villagers, turn this place into an ideal tour destination. You can enjoy a wonderful day-trip and spend the night in one of the delightful resorts on the coastline or riverbanks.Amphawa District

Directions: You can get there by bus, train or van from Victory Monument station. The drive from Bangkok is an hour and a half long (some 70 kilometers). If you want to visit a few attractions, its highly recommended to take a car.

Samut Songkhram Attractions and Places to Visit:

Amphawa Floating Market – the most beautiful floating market in Thailand which attracts tens of thousands of Thais every single weekend and continues to develop all the time.

Klong Khon area – the coastline region and the Mangrove Forests of Samut Songkhram – here you will find the swimming monkeys, the oyster farm, Mud Slide and kayaks. You can spend the night in a lovely guesthouse on the beach and discover even further attractions.

Thai Cat Center – a special place which endeavours to save the Siamese cat breeds that are unfortunately dwindling with time (out of 23 breeds, only 4 remain to date).

Benjarong – the Samut Songkham district is famous for this unique handmade Thai porcelain and its traditional Thai design. You can read more about Benjarong in

Bang Kung Temple- the temple is completely enclosed within a tree trunk. It is located in a fascinating historic location titled Bang Kung Camp (also known as Khai Bang Kung), which commemorates the heroic acts of the local warriors.

Wat Bang Kae Noi – with its mesmerizing wood carving depicting the Budha’s birth and history.

Talat Rom Hub (the folding umbrella market) – is located on the Railway’s track. Whenever a train approaches, the awnings and shop fronts are moved back from the rails, to be replaced once the train has passed.

Other attractions in the district include the sun-dried salt industry and the sugar industry.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market – being Heavily overcrowded, this famous floating market has lost every shred of authenticity years ago, and since then became a show for tourists.          It is located in the nearby Ratchaburi district, just a 10-15 minutes’ ride from Ampawa.

The fact that Samut Songkhram district is located west of Bangkok, enables to include it in longer excursions to Kanchanaburi or the intriguing old town of Petchburi (which can only be exceeded by Ayutthaya, if at all); you can visit the district whether you are heading towards Hua Hin beach resort town (which is frequently visited by the royal family), or on your way to explore Kaeng Krachan – the largest national park in Thailand.

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