Thailand Cultural Center & Siam Niramit Show 

Siam Niramit

The Siam Niramit Show, which takes place at the Thailand Cultural Center in the heart of Bangkok, is a spectacular show with a great production that I’d define as a ‘must see’ experience while visiting Bangkok. I’ve known Thailand for many years, through and through its many layers, and during this time, I got to visit many shows, but not Siam Niramit. I thought it was just another show, until recently, when I got to visit it with a couple of friends and realized how wrong I was. This is a marvelous, breathtaking show, and I’ve never seen anything that comes near it.

I stuck to my chair throughout, in awe of everything that happened around me: Siam Niramit on and above the stage, in the hall and around it. It was simply magnificent and I recommend every visitor in Bangkok, including Thai residents, who know the country very well – to do yourself a favor and come watch the show.

I’d like to point out that the show takes place in Thailand Cultural Center, and although the major highlight is, of course, Siam Niramit, it’s well worth your while to arrive early and enjoy the happenings around, prior to the show – behold the details and clip below, later in this review.




Siam Niramit Show

The show takes place in a big, spectacular hall with 2000 seats and a huge stage – who made it to The Guinness World Records Book due to its size. The show features more than 100 actors, singers, and dancers wearing spectacular costumes. The stunning set is beautifully decorated, its complexity and richness, along with the highly advanced technologies, have created amazing visual effects that come together in an unforgettable experience.

The 80-minute show is uninterrupted by a break; it depicts, with rich colors, wonderful sounds and impressive effects, the history, culture, and heritage of the Thai nation.



Thailand Cultural Center

The large complex is dedicated to Thai culture and contains several halls, an amphitheater, a library and an ongoing display – all dedicated to Thai culture, art and tradition. I recommend you arrive early and enjoy the happenings around prior to the show, as each region in Thailand is represented there, and you can enjoy watching the preparation of various cuisines, silk and fabric weaving along with various arts.

Additionally, at the heart of the open space, there are Thai dances and the visitors are welcome to join in; as you can see in the attached clip – it’s one big celebration that engages and entertains the crowd.

The show takes place every day at 8 PM but the place opens at 5:30 PM. You can combine the show with an open buffet meal (diverse and pretty good), but even if you purchase a ticket only for the show – you should probably get there at 6 or 6:30 PM, to explore the activities around.





Arrival: the Siam Niramit site is located at the heart of Bangkok, in the huge Rachada Pisek street. The simplest, easiest way to get there is by taking the MRT underground and getting off at Rachada Pisek stop. Then, you should depart from exit #1 (there are excellent signs there), where a Thailand Cultural Center van waits to pick you up and take you to the center (some 10 minutes’ ride).

** Esplanade shopping and entertainment center is located right at the exit from MRT station, so you can easily combine a visit there, during the afternoon hours, prior to the show.

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