Talat Rot Fy Night Market in Bangkok

Talat Rot Fy Night Market in Bangkok , Bangkok is, without a doubt, one of the most colorful, interesting, fascinating and entertaining cities in the world. Unfortunately, many tourists completely miss out on this great city due to disinformation and false instructions, poor hotel locations and other mistakes which make their visit a sweaty hot mess, instead of a pleasant, enjoyable experience.

There is never a dull moment in this lovely city and there are plenty of entertaining options and ways to spend your days and nights outdoors. In this article, we will review one of these options – a night market titled ‘Talat Rot Fy’ (the train market), which was previously located next to Chatuchak (the famous night market). Back in the days it was also smaller, less versatile, impressive and interesting.

In recent years, the market was relocated to the other side of the city and became considerably larger. Its appearance has altered, and it became an appealing, trendy market which draws many locals, particularly young ones.

The market is somewhat different to define – it combines closed and open markets, as well as a nice flea- market with a wide variety of food stands, restaurants and pubs.

While its appearance may bring Asiatique to mind, Talat Rot Fy has a different look and feel to it. Asiatique is stylish, hip and modern, and Rot Fy market has a more authentic, local vibe; it feels more genuine and lacks the presumptuousness of Asiatique – which I certainly consider an advantage.

Moreover, unlike Asiatique, you will hardly see foreigners here, but rather crowds of Thai youngsters looking to buy trendy fashion items, taste local cuisines in one of the many stands, dine in a restaurant or have a drink at a pub, or just walk around the place.

Talat Rot Fy consists of 2 parts – one is closed (the plaza) and the other is the open market. Soi 51, the alley which leads to the market, is also full of shops, restaurants and pubs – which turns the place into one big, colorful celebration. Add the giant shopping center Seacon Sqaure to the mix, along with its various attractions and kids’ playground – and you will get an entire area worth spending a full day, from morning to midnight.

Arrival: the market is located on Srinakarin street, Soi 51, right behind one of the biggest shopping centers in Bangkok (in fact, one of the biggest in Asia) – the Seacon Sqaure.

Opening Hours: from 5 PM – midnight

Activity days: the closed part of the market is open from Tuesday-Sunday; the open market is welcomes visitors from Friday – Sunday. This means that all parts are active from Friday-Sunday, so be advised!Night Market in Bangkok

FYI – I was recently told that the market is no longer active on Wednesdays, so I recommend arriving only during weekend evenings!!

Directions: the fastest, easiest way to get to Talat Rot Fy, is by taking the Skytrain to Udom Suk, and from then on, continuing with a taxi for a 10-minute ride. For your convenience, I’ve attached a map with specific marks of the market location and Skytrain station.

An important note: since this website has been recently updated, and is certainly more up to date than most related sites, if you google Talat Rot FY you may receive irrelevant information regarding the old market which also carried this title – so make no mistake and ignore outdated information!!

It’s hard to cover the entire market in a short article, but the attached clip contains various pictures that should give you a glimpse of the lovely experience.


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