Bangkok Dinner Cruises in ‘Thai’ boats

Bangkok Dinner Cruises in ‘Thai’ boatsThere is no doubt that dinner cruises on the river is one of the highlights of visiting Bangkok! It’s a lovely experience you shouldn’t miss!

The ultimate combination of a good dinner, a pleasant breeze and Bangkok’s wonderful night Dinner Cruisesviews as seen from the river during the cruise – makes for an unforgettable experience. Even after sailing with my guests dozens of times – I still enjoy the experience every single time.



There are Thai boats for local visitors and tourist boats, which are known and popular among Dinner Cruisestravelers from abroad.  As in most cases, the following unwritten rule applies here too – when it comes to attractions that are specifically designed for masses of tourists – the quality declines and the prices soar.


Some boats offer buffet meals, while others serve according to their menus (as in any other Dinner Cruisesrestaurant). Some boats take a short route and others cover a longer track (at the same amount of time), which allows you to see more sites and enjoy more views.



Personally, I prefer the Thai boats which function as floating restaurants serving fresh local food, which is ordered from a menu and prepared on-site.

After trying several boats, I highly recommend the dinner cruise on a Thai boat which is designated to serve locals, and departs from Riverside hotel. The cruise route is long – from Krungton bridge to Rama 9 bridge, the food is delicious, the service is kind and efficient and the atmosphere is lovely.

Operating hours: every night from 8 -10 PM

The boat has an open-air upper deck and a closed lower deck, which features a local band concert. I personally prefer the open, upper deck (which almost everyone prefer), and during the weekends, it is highly recommended to book your place on board in advance.

You should get there no later than 7:30 PM, and the boat departs exactly at 8 PM. Please take into consideration that this is the rush hour, especially on Fridays, and make sure you leave your hotel early enough, so that you won’t be late for the cruise.

Dr. David


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