Quarantine Experience in Thailand

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If you’re planning on visiting Thailand but have absolutely no clue about quarantine hotels, where can you do your quarantine? How does quarantine work? What is allowed and not allowed? How much does it cost? I’m sure there are a lot of questions on your mind and I hope by reading this blog, some (if not, all) of your questions will be answered.

How much does it cost?

This must be one of the first questions on your mind. Quarantine hotels’ price can start from 26,900 baht up to 200,000+ baht/person for the whole stay depending on the area of the hotel, the size of the room, with or without a balcony, etc. The price usually covers the cost of 3 COVID-19 RT-PCR tests and a full board meal plan, but if you’re not happy with the hotel’s food, you can always order in. Some hotels even have 7-11 service with a 100-baht surcharge at a time.

Note: The price will be the same whether it’s 15 days-14 nights or 16 days-15 nights (depends on your time of arrival).


Types of quarantine hotels in Thailand

A confirmed booking of AQ, ALQ, or AHQ is mandatory to apply for your COE (Certificate of Entry) but what are those? Below are your answers:

  • AQ/ASQ: Alternative Quarantine or previously called Alternative State Quarantine hotels are quarantine hotels for passengers who fly to Bangkok. To make this easy for you, AQ/ASQ are quarantine hotels in Bangkok and the cheapest option.
  • ALQ: Alternative Local Quarantine hotels are for passengers who fly to other parts of Thailand, so ALQ is basically quarantine hotels that are not in Bangkok.
  • AHQ: Alternative Hospital Quarantine. This type of quarantine is for a patient with a maximum of 3 companions only. They will require a lot of documents including an updated medical report and a referral letter from a doctor in your country. You also have to contact the hospital directly for a reservation.

Quarantine in Bangkok

I’ve just recently come back to Thailand and chose an AQ in Bangkok, so I’ll be sharing some of my experience and hopefully will be helpful to you.

  • From the airport to the hotel: After getting your luggage from the belt, you’ll be directed to the hotel’s transportation immediately and are not allowed to meet any of your friends and family after your arrival.

As soon as you arrive at the hotel, the staff (in full PPE) will give you some forms to sign, have you add them in your Line application to use as the main communication channel (of course, you can also use the phone in your room) and you have to take your temperature and send it to them twice a day every day. Then, they’ll direct you to your room and start your quarantine.

  • Day 0: The first day of quarantine is considered Day 0 because it’s not a full 24 hours. You can take your time resting or unpacking as you like. Get settled.
  • Day 2: In the morning of Day 2, the hotel staff will call up to your room and tell you the time of your test, so you can be prepared. Then, a staff will knock on your door, take you to the test area (you’re not allowed to touch anything outside your room. the staff will press the elevator for you), and take you back to your room when you’re done. The result will be out in the next day which they’ll send it to you via Line.
  • Day 7: Second RT-PCR test. The process is the same as your first test, you’ll just be less nervous.
  • Day 12: Last RT-PCR test. After you’re done with this test, start packing because you’ll be out of quarantine in 2 days if the result is negative, of course.
  • Day 14: Check out. The hotel will give you a medical certificate from a hospital stating that you have finished your quarantine and you’re COVID-free, a certificate from the government stating the same thing, and 3 reports of your 3 tests.

Overall experience in ASQ Bangkok

My personal experience in an ASQ hotel wasn’t so bad. The staff was friendly and very helpful. I got a 55 sqm. suite with an exercise bike in the living room. The food was not bad and my internet was fast but got disconnected once every 2 days which wasn’t a big deal. The only thing is they didn’t allow me to send my laundry. According to the hotel, it’s a new government rule that nothing is allowed to come out of your room. So, you might want to consider an AQ or ALQ hotel that has a washing machine in your room.

I hope this article can answer some of the questions you had in mind. Going in quarantine is not easy but it’s also not so bad if you’re well prepared both physically and mentally. If there are changes regarding the rules or anything related to traveling to Thailand, we’ll definitely give you an update. Stay tuned!

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