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We are Thailand's #1 private, luxury tour provider with operations across the Land of Smiles.

quality locations and interesting, exciting attractions

fun activities for the entire family

lodging at 5 star hotels and the best resorts

authentic food in hand-picked restaurants

tour plans do not include tourist traps or cheap shows

carefully planned routes to avoid long drives

Carefully Planned

Our Tours Are Carefully Prepared

The private tours are carefully planned by Dr. David from A-Z, and successfully executed by Tip-Top Travel in terms of logistics, equipment etc. The private tour includes a fully equipped VIP van, manned by professional drivers, lodging at 5-star hotels (where such exist) and the best resorts available in each area, delicious lunches in hand-picked restaurants and free choice from their menus, including a free supply of soft-drinks and fruit- shakes.

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Get More Than You Bargained For

The experienced tour guides were carefully chosen by us, and personal supervision is provided by yours truly. Tiptop Travelers also receive special offers and discounts for exceptional, high quality hotels across Bangkok and in various resort sites. In addition, we are happy to lend our travelers cellular phones so they can keep in touch with me throughout their entire visit to Thailand, for any assistance, guidance and direction they may need.

Who Are We?

More About TipTop Travel

TipTop Travel & Services Co. Ltd is a Thai business established a couple of years ago, in order to provide for the growing need of many travelers seeking private luxury tours in the more beautiful, exotic, authentic Thailand, away from the same old standard paths.

Our luxury tours to various regions of Thailand are entirely private. They are tailor made according to the travelers’ preferences and needs, and take into consideration various factors such as weather, season etc., in order to take you on the trip of your dreams.

Our unique travel routes across Thailand include exciting attractions and outdoor activities in the pastoral countryside, visits to ancient towns and exotic beaches, combined with a fascinating culture, authentic markets, and pleasant encounters with the friendly Thai people.

Throughout our luxury tours, you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities: trekking, waterfalls, ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle), snorkeling, water sports, exotic islands and beaches, wonderful landscapes, picturesque sights, colorful markets, extraordinary temples and many other things to do and see – some of them in the mysterious “Unseen Thailand”. What you won’t find here is animal shows and attractions designed “specifically for tourists”. Rather, we invite you to discover the real, authentic Thailand, as the Thai people experience it.

Importantly, our private luxury tours include a special focus on maintaining a close, personal contact throughout your entire trip/visit to Thailand. We are at your disposal, happy to answer your every question, guide and consult you, not only during the trip, but throughout your entire stay in Thailand.

In addition to the private luxury tours, and in order to provide our travelers with the perfect Thailand experience at all times, we have special offers in exquisite hotels in various regions. We do our very best to effectively address and fulfill your special requests, and any other service you may need (please be advised: currently, we do not handle flights).

As I’ve previously mentioned in another section on the website, its initial purpose was strictly informative: to provide extensive, valuable information about Thailand, thus creating a full, detailed picture of this beautiful land and presenting it to open minded, quality tourists, who are interested in more than redundant, commercial tours to the common, crowded tourist destinations. I believe I’ve succeeded in this mission and established a great website to provide you with reliable, thorough information that will serve you throughout your upcoming visit to Thailand.

It’s important to mention that all the information has been carefully and personally collected and verified, through my own, hands-on experience. I’ve visited every site that appears on site, and explored it thoroughly, to provide travelers with the absolute best, most reliable information available. Every article and review is accompanied by pictures and clips to deliver a hint of the atmosphere or experience, across the computer screen. There’s a lot more information coming, just ‘waiting’ to be uploaded, and as I only have one set of hands, it’ll take some time to post it.

A successful quality tour relies on excellent planning more than anything else. Such planning considers all the relevant factors, including of course, the needs and wishes of the travelers. So, we learn of our travelers’ aims and interests to gain a perfect understanding of what they perceive as the ideal tour. Then, we start planning the private luxury tour together, by e-mail correspondence (that can amount to dozens if not hundreds of e-mails), until we produce an ideal experience – a tailor-made tour that suits them perfectly.

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