Premium Outlet Hua Hin

Premium Outlet Hua Hin – low cost international brands outlet

SAM_0005_tnUntill about 10-15 years ago Hua Hin area, (and Cha Am), were wonderful holiday places where the Thai royal family and Bangkok high society used to spend their weekends and holidays.





Since western tourists have discovered these high quality holiday area it has been well developed and is considered nowadays to be one of the 6 most popular places among tourist. Many hotels and resorts as well as plenty of shopping malls and modern entertainment centers have been built in the area in recent years, such as the great new water park – The Venezia, the new shopping center – Village Market and many outlets.

Premium Outlet Hua Hin

When name brands and designer shopping is the topic – Premium Outlet Hua Hin is the senior outlet plaza in the area. It is no doubt the best outlet in the area and in my opinion, one of the best in Thailand. It offers a big variety of international brand names at especially low prices.





It is an open ground shopping plaza of over 16,000 square meters with over 100 outlet shops selling more than 200 of the finest international and local brands.

SAM_0094_tnPremium Outlet Hua Hin shops sell only the finest designer fashion and brand names. They offer mainly clothing, (men, women and children), shoes, sports as well as bags and suitcases.

You will find almost all the leading international designer and brand names in clothing and apparel, sportswear and bathing suits, underwear, jeans, children fashion, women, men and children shoes, bags, suitcases, etc.



Premium Outlet Hua Hin is very pleasant and clean. As it is shopping oriented, there are not too many restaurants or activities for children such as play grounds, etc. You can find a food center, grill and seafood restaurant, burger and French fries stand, and a few ice cream shops.

Premium Outlet Hua HinWe drive to Hua Hin pretty often and usually stop at Premium Outlet and leave the place with a smile and plenty of new stuff. You can find real bargains there at prices I have not seen even in Bangkok during the seasons’ sale.

Not everything you will see there is the cheapest in Thailand, but with a bit of patience you can browse through and really find some great bargains for very low prices – although it takes time and shopping around in the different outlet shops.




Please consider at least 2-3 hours at Premium Outlet Hua Hin and if the children and husband are out of patience, it is better they go to the nearby Santorini Park.

Premium Outlet Hua HinDuring our last visit at Premium Outlet Hua Hin, a couple of weeks ago, my wife found 2 pairs of good quality brand shoes for only 42$ per pair. As we were short in time we planned to come back there again the next day, however, I told my wife that she is better off buying the shoes today instead of waiting for tomorrow and indeed it did not work out for us to shop there again the next day.

So I suggest that if you see something you like at a good price – grab it and don’t wait for the next time. (you can buy some more stuff next time).




Opening hours:

On week days – 10:00 – 20:00

On weekends – 09:00 – 20:00

How to get to Premium Outlet Hua Hin : Premium Outlet is conveniently located just off Cha Am holiday town and approx. 20 minute drive from Hua Hin. It is found just off the highway and if you are coming from Bangkok – you will see it a cross the road.

You can get to Premium Outlet by car, taxi, or take the van service from Hua Hin to Cha Am, (for 40 Baht), and from there take a Tuk tuk or a taxi.

As always, here is a short video of  I prepared for you – Enjoy!!



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