Central Plaza Ladprao

Central Plaza Ladprao

If someone asked me to recommend an outstanding shopping Central Plaza Ladprao, not as  pretentious and overbearing as Emporium or Paragon and not as simple and popular like the MBK, that isn’t ) and not located in the small and bustling touristic area of the city, I would recommend Central Ladprao. As Union mall, located just across the road or Bangkapi Mall, these malls are budding, lively and reflect the true lifestyle of Bangkok residents. Central Rama 3 is also big but more conservative and understated.

I have a soft spot for Central Ladprao shopping center; it was my favorite shopping center more than 20 years ago, when I first came to Thailand. This shopping center has always been considered one of Bangkok’s best and two years ago underwent an extensive “facelift” in order to bring it up to standards with the city’s new and very modern malls. Before renovations began, the mall held a clearance sale and police were forced to close of the area to traffic due to the hordes of people who flocked the mall. After the extensive renovations, and eliminating the smaller and cheaper shops, the complex is classed as exclusive and more expensive.

There is no point in visiting Central Plaza Ladprao especially, unless you combine it with a visit to other attractions in the area. You can read further information about other attractions in the area, in the article on Chatuchak, here on this site.Central Plaza Ladprao

How To Get There : The easiest way to get there is via the subway (MRT). Please make sure to get


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