Pantip Plaza – Computers, gadgets and gizmos


Pantip Plaza – Computers, gadgets and gizmos , Pantip Plaza is a very well-known mall selling computers gadgets and gizmos.  There are three Pantip shopping malls in Bangkok, one located on Ngam Wong Wan Street and very close to my workplace, the Thai Health Ministry,  and another in Bangkapi.

The Pantip Plaza in this article is located in the Pratunam district which is more specifically Pantip Plazaknown for its markets and clothing stores. The mall is located in a relatively old 5-storey building that has recently undergone renovation to give it a more modern look and try to keep in line with more contemporary malls selling the same equipment.  The atmosphere, despite the high-tech products sold, is more one of a market.

Pantip offers numerous shops selling computers, monitors, printers, speakers, software and everything else imaginable in way of computers. You can also find here gadgets, gizmos and electronic toys and more detailed information can be found on this site.


Despite being very popular, especially among tourists, there are quite a few shortcomings and I usually advise people who are shopping for computers and the likes to visit Fortune Town, which I personally think is a lot better and if you read this blog will find that many others think the same.


Opening Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (some shops indicate that they close at 21:00). Take in to account that usually by around 19:30 a large part of the shops already begin to close.


How To Get There : Pantip Plaza is located in Pratunam, one of the most congested areas of Bangkok with high air  pollution. There is no Sky Train or subway station nearby and the closet are Chitlom and Ratchatewi which are quite a walk away, therefore it’s better to take a taxi.


In summary: A busy mall selling high tech equipment in a cluttered, market atmosphere. If you intend a mooch around and maybe buy some small gadgets, then Pantip Plaza is fine especially if you are already in the Pratunam area. If you plan to buy a laptop or any valuable equipment, I recommend that you go to Fortune Town on Rachadapisek  street where you will find exactly the same things, but in a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, without all the mayhem of Pantip. As less tourists visit there, sellers are more patient and will happily answer any questions and offer explanations. In short, Fortune Town offers higher quality equipment and has better and easier accessibility, it’s located right next to the Phra Ram 9 subway station (MRT), 2 stops from Sukhumvit Street.


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